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From Nathan Schrenk <>
Subject multithreaded DNS resolution
Date Sat, 12 Apr 1997 01:43:13 GMT

I have found myself needing a MT-safe DNS resolver library for a project
I'm working on, and began looking around the Internet for such a piece of
code.  I haven't found anything yet, and thought I'd ask here to see if
anyone knows where I can find something like this.  If I can't find a
thread safe DNS resolver that will work for me (and has a suitable
license,) I'm going to have to write one. 

If no one knows where I can find such code, and I end up writing something
that does this, I'd like to contribute the code for use in Apache 2.0
since I believe something like this will be needed for simultaneous
hostname resolution in different threads.  Are there any fixed plans for
Apache 2.0 development?  Is there a set group of people that are going to
be architecting 2.0? 


Nathan Schrenk
Neoglyphics Media Corp.                    

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