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From Marc Slemko <>
Subject conf.h and httpd.h and proxy module
Date Tue, 08 Apr 1997 04:37:15 GMT
right now things can include conf.h or httpd.h, but things break if they
do both.  

I was going to make a patch to add:

#include <bstring.h>            /* for IRIX, FD_SET calls bzero() */

to proxy_connect.c, but can't include conf.h or httpd.h in proxy_connect.c
because they are included by mod_proxy.h, but I think that since
HAVE_BSTRING_H has nothing to do with mod_proxy.h it is lame to assume it
will be included correctly.

Perhaps conf.h should be wrapped with a big ifdef?

(Oh, and Chuck, you can fix the above somehow... <g>)

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