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Subject Re: SEGVs and PHP.. but not PHP?
Date Thu, 24 Apr 1997 16:01:31 GMT
> >Shortly after submitting the PR, I upgraded to the latest CVS
> >release of PHP after receiving a tip from one of your people.
> >This has not cured the problem.  Please advise.
>     Okey, he's running "FreeBSD 2.2.1 RELEASE #0" and "PHP/FI-2.0b11"
>     and not getting a core dump.  This is starting to get monotonous..
>     a) Rasmus, are there known SEGV problems with this version of PHP?
>        Does he need to upgrade?

2.0b11 should not coredump.  There was a problem between 2.0b10 and 2.0b11
which would cause any HEAD request to a PHP-parsed page to core the server.
This version was never released and he only had the problem because he was
fetching development code from my CVS tree.  


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