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From (Rodent of Unusual Size)
Subject <BODY> tags in HEADER.html files (fwd)
Date Sat, 12 Apr 1997 18:45:19 GMT
    Not acked.

>From the fingers of Brian Tiemann flowed the following:
>There's a bit of an issue-- a purely cosmetic thing, but a bit
>annoying-- with the stricter parsing method that Netscape 4.0 uses for
><BODY> tags. Formerly, it would read and use the *last* <BODY> tag it
>saw in the page. Now, though, it uses the *first* one. This is fine, in
>all but one case: FancyIndexing.
>Right now, the standard file index is output by Apache with a blank <BODY>
>tag in the header. If there is a HEADER.html present, *its* <BODY> tag (if
>present) will be incorporated into the page's code, but in Netscape 4.0 it
>gets ignored in favor of the earlier blank tag. The result is the
>plain-jane grey BG we all know and love.
>Do you suppose there would be a way of adding a module or patch to Apache
>that would check in a directory for the existence of a HEADER.html with a
>custom <BODY> tag, and which would use that tag for the output of the
>directory index page? An example is at
> I've submitted this issue as a bug
>report to Netscape, but if they don't act on it, I can understand it--
>it's an attempt by them to adhere more strictly to the HTML standard. 
>Still, whether the capability exists on the server or browser end, I would
>like to think that custom-colored pages should be a standard part of
>	So, that's my trouble... basically I can't get my page to have a
>custom background anymore, so that's why I'm asking this. :) If you've got
>a solution of any kind, I'd be most grateful!

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