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From (Rodent of Unusual Size)
Subject Re: 1.2b8 [pre]announce
Date Wed, 09 Apr 1997 00:49:21 GMT
    Aw, foo.  Too many bloody windows in the editor..

The eighth beta release of Apache 1.2 is now available in the usual
places (see below).  A lot of problems, inconsistencies, and outright
bugs are corrected by this version, and if you're running any flavour of
1.2, we highly recommend that you upgrade to 1.2b8.  We have high hopes
that this is a release candidate; if no major problems with it are
identified, the final formal release of Apache 1.2 will soon follow.

Users of Apache 1.2b7 and earlier have been very faithful at reporting
issues, and we owe them much gratitude.  Thank you!

See the main Apache web site ( for downloading
instructions.  This site also includes pointers to many mirror sites
that may be closer to you.

Thank you for using Apache, and helping make it the Number 1 server on
the Web!

#ken  :-)}

Opinions are those of the author.  `... it was mine art, ...
that made gape the pine and let thee out.'  - Prospero

[The notation "PR#nnn" refers to a problem report in the Apache bug
database <>.  Some of the descriptions
refer to the problem solved, and some to the solution that was applied.]

Changes with Apache 1.2b8
  *) suexec.c doesn't close the log file, allowing CGIs to continue writing
     to it.  [Marc Slemko]

  *) The addition of <Location> and <File> directives made the
     sub_req_lookup_simple() function bogus, so we now handle
     the special cases directly.  [Dean Gaudet]

  *) We now try to log where the server is dumping core when a fatal
     signal is received.  [Ken Coar]

  *) Improved lingering_close by adding a special timeout, removing the
     spurious log messages, removing the nonblocking settings (they
     are not needed with the better timeout), and adding commentary
     about the NO_LINGCLOSE and USE_SO_LINGER issues.  NO_LINGCLOSE is
     now the default for SunOS4, Unixware, NeXT, and Irix.  [Roy Fielding]

  *) Send error messages about setsockopt failures to the server error
     log instead of stderr.  [Roy Fielding]

  *) Fix loopholes in proxy cache expiry vis a vis alarms. [Brian Moore]

  *) Stopgap solution for CGI 3-second delay with server-side includes: if
     processing a subrequest, allocate memory from r->main->pool instead
     of r->pool so that we can avoid waiting for free_proc_chain to cleanup
     in the middle of an SSI request.  [Dean Gaudet] PR #122

  *) Fixed status of response when POST is received for a nonexistant URL
     (was sending 405, now 404) and when any method is sent with a
     full-URI that doesn't match the server and the server is not acting
     as a proxy (was sending 501, now 403).  [Roy Fielding]

  *) Host port changed to unsigned short. [Ken Coar] PR #276

  *) Fix typo in command definition of AuthAuthoritative. [Ken Coar] PR #246

  *) Defined HAVE_SHMGET for shared memory on Linux.  [Dean Gaudet]

  *) Report extra info from errno with many errors that cause httpd to exit.
     spawn_child, popenf, and pclosef now have valid errno returns in the
     event of an error.  Correct problems where errno was stomped on
     before being reported.  [Dean Gaudet]

  *) In the proxy, if the cache filesystem was full, garbage_coll() was
     never called, and thus the filesystem would remain full indefinitely.
     We now also remove incomplete cache files left if the origin server
     didn't send a Content-Length header and either the client has aborted
     transfer or bwrite() to client has failed. [Petr Lampa]

  *) Fixed the handling of module and script-added header fields.
     Improved the interface for sending header fields and reduced
     the duplication of code between sending okay responses and errors.
     We now always send both headers_out and err_headers_out, and
     ensure that the server-reserved fields are not being overridden,
     while not overriding those that are not reserved.  [Roy Fielding]

  *) Moved transparent content negotiation fields to err_headers_out
     to reflect above changes.  [Petr Lampa]

  *) Fixed the determination of whether or not we should make the
     connection persistent for all of the cases where some other part
     of the server has already indicated that we should not.  Also
     improved the ordering of the test so that chunked encoding will
     be set whenever it is desired instead of only when KeepAlive
     is enabled. Added persistent connection capability for most error
     responses (those that do not indicate a bad input stream) when
     accessed by an HTTP/1.1 client. [Roy Fielding]

  *) Added missing timeouts for sending header fields, error responses,
     and the last chunk of chunked encoding, each of which could have
     resulted in a process being stuck in write forever.  Using soft_timeout
     requires that the sender check for an aborted connection rather than
     continuing after an EINTR.  Timeouts that used to be initiated before
     send_http_header (and never killed) are now initiated only within or
     around the routines that actually do the sending, and not allowed to
     propagate above the caller.  [Roy Fielding]

  *) mod_auth_anon required an @ or a . in the email address, not both.
     [Dirk vanGulik]

  *) per_dir_defaults weren't set correctly until directory_walk for
     name-based vhosts.  This fixes an obscure bug with the wrong config
     info being used for vhosts that share the same ip as the server.
     [Dean Gaudet]

  *) Improved generation of modules/Makefile to be more generic for
     new module directories. [Ken Coar, Chuck Murcko, Roy Fielding]

  *) Generate makefile dependency for Configuration based on the actual
     name given when running the Configure process.  [Dean Gaudet]

  *) Fixed problem with vhost error log not being set prior to
     initializing virtual hosts. [Dean Gaudet]

  *) Fixed infinite loop when a trailing slash is included after a type map
     file URL (extra path info). [Petr Lampa]

  *) Fixed server status updating of per-connection counters. [Roy Fielding]

  *) Add documentation for DNS issues (reliability and security), and try
     to explain the virtual host matching process.  [Dean Gaudet]

  *) Try to continue gracefully by disabling the vhost if a DNS lookup
     fails while parsing the configuration file.  [Dean Gaudet]

  *) Improved calls to setsockopt.  [Roy Fielding]

  *) Negotiation changes: Don't output empty content-type in variant list;
     Output charset in variant list; Return sooner from handle_multi() if
     no variants found; Add handling of '*' wildcard in Accept-Charset.
     [Petr Lampa and Paul Sutton]

  *) Fixed overlaying of request/sub-request notes and headers in
     mod_negotiation.  [Dean Gaudet]

  *) If two variants' charset quality are equal and one is the default
     charset (iso-8859-1), then prefer the variant that was specifically
     listed in Accept-Charset instead of the default.  [Petr Lampa]

  *) Memory allocation problem in push_array() -- it would corrupt memory
     when nalloc==0.  [Kai Risku <> and Roy Fielding]

  *) invoke_handler() doesn't handle mime arguments in content-type
     [Petr Lampa] PR#160

  *) Reduced IdentityCheck timeout to 30 seconds, as per RFC 1413 minimum.
     [Ken Coar]

  *) Fixed problem with ErrorDocument not working for virtual hosts
     due to one of the performance changes in 1.2b7. [Dean Gaudet]

  *) Log an error message if we get a request header that is too long,
     since it may indicate a buffer overflow attack. [Marc Slemko]

  *) Made is_url() allow "[-.+a-zA-Z0-9]+:" as a valid scheme and
     not reject URLs without a double-slash, as per RFC2068 section 3.2.
     [Ken Coar] PR #146, #187

  *) Added table entry placeholder for new header_parser callback
     in all of the distributed modules. [Ken Coar] PR #191

  *) Allow for cgi files without the .EXE extension on them under OS/2.
     [Garey Smiley] PR #59

  *) Fixed error message when resource is not found and URL contains
     path info. [Petr Lampa and Dean Gaudet] PR #40

  *) Fixed user and server confusion over what should be a virtual host
     and what is the main server, resulting in access to something
     other than the name defined in the virtualhost directive (but
     with the same IP address) failing. [Dean Gaudet]

  *) Updated mod_rewrite to version 3.0.2, which: fixes compile error on
     AIX; improves the redirection stuff to enable the users to generally
     redirect to http, https, gopher and ftp; added TIME variable for
     RewriteCond which expands to YYYYMMDDHHMMSS strings and added the
     special patterns >STRING, <STRING and =STRING to RewriteCond, which
     can be used in conjunction with %{TIME} or other variables to create
     time-dependent rewriting rules. [Ralf S. Engelschall]

  *) bpushfd() no longer notes cleanups for the file descriptors it is handed.
     Module authors may need to adjust their code for proper cleanup to take
     place (that is, call note_cleanups_for_fd()). This change fixes problems
     with file descriptors being erroneously closed when the proxy module was
     in use. [Ben Laurie]

  *) Fix bug in suexec reintroduced by changes in 1.2b7 which allows
     initgroups() to hose the group information needed for later
     comparisons. [Randy Terbush]

  *) Remove unnecessary call to va_end() in create_argv() which
     caused a SEGV on some systems.

  *) Use proper MAXHOSTNAMELEN symbol for limiting length of server name.
     [Dean Gaudet]

  *) Clear memory allocated for listeners. [Randy Terbush]

  *) Improved handling of IP address as a virtualhost address and
     introduced "_default_" as a synonym for the default vhost config.
     [Dean Gaudet] PR #212

Changes with Apache 1.2b7

  *) Port to  UXP/DS(V20) [Toshiaki Nomura <>]

  *) unset Content-Length if chunked (RFC-2068) [Petr Lampa]

  *) mod_negotiation fixes [Petr Lampa] PR#157, PR#158, PR#159
     - replace protocol response numbers with symbols
     - save variant-list into main request notes
     - free allocated memory from subrequests
     - merge notes, headers_out and err_headers_out

  *) changed status check mask in proxy_http.c from "HTTP/#.# ### *" to
     "HTTP/#.# ###*" to be more lenient about what we accept.
     [Chuck Murcko]

  *) more proxy FTP bug fixes:
     - Changed send_dir() to remove user/passwd from displayed URL.
     - Changed login error messages to be more descriptive. 
     - remove setting of SO_DEBUG socket option
     - Make ftp_getrc() more lenient about multiline responses,
       specifically, 230 responses which don't have continuation 230-
       on each line). These seem to be all NT FTP servers, and while
       perhaps questionable, they appear to be legal by RFC 959.
     - Add missing kill_timeout() after transfer to user completes.
     [Chuck Murcko]

  *) Fixed problem where a busy server could hang when restarting
     after being sent a SIGHUP due to child processes not exiting.
     [Marc Slemko]

  *) Modify mod_include escaping so a '\' only signifies an escaped
     character if the next character is one that needs
     escaping.  [Ben Laurie]

  *) Eliminated possible infinite loop in mod_imap when relative URLs are
     used with a 'base' directive that does not have a '/' in it.
     [Marc Slemko, reported by Onno Witvliet <>]

  *) Reduced the default timeout from 1200 seconds to 300, and the
     one in the sample configfile from 400 to 300.  [Marc Slemko]

  *) Stop vbprintf from crashing if given a NULL string pointer; 
     print (null) instead.  [Ken Coar]

  *) Don't disable Nagle algorithm if system doesn't have TCP_NODELAY.
     [Marc Slemko and Roy Fielding]

  *) Fixed problem with mod_cgi-generated internal redirects trying to
     read the request message-body twice. [Archie Cobbs and Roy Fielding]

  *) Reduced timeout on lingering close, removed possibility of a blocked
     read causing the child to hang, and stopped logging of errors if
     the socket is not connected (reset by client).  [Roy Fielding]

  *) Rearranged main child loop to remove duplication of code in
     select/accept and keep-alive requests, fixed several bugs regarding
     checking scoreboard_image for exit indication and failure to
     account for all success conditions and trap all error conditions,
     prevented multiple flushes before closing the socket; close the entire
     socket buffer instead of just one descriptor, prevent logging of
     EPROTO and ECONNABORTED on platforms where supported, and generally
     improved readability.  [Roy Fielding]

  *) Extensive performance improvements. Cleaned up inefficient use of
     auto initializers, multiple is_matchexp calls on a static string,
     and excessive merging of response_code_strings. [Dean Gaudet]

  *) Added double-buffering to mod_include to improve performance on
     server-side includes. [Marc Slemko]

  *) Several fixes for suexec wrapper. [Randy Terbush]
     - Make wrapper work for files on NFS filesystem.
     - Fix portability problem of MAXPATHLEN.
     - Fix array overrun problem in clean_env().
     - Fix allocation of PATH environment variable

  *) Removed extraneous blank line is description of mod_status chars.
     [Kurt Kohler]

  *) Logging of errors from the call_exec routine simply went nowhere,
     since the logfile fd has been closed, so now we send them to stderr.
     [Harald T. Alvestrand]

  *) Fixed core dump when DocumentRoot is a CGI.
     [Ben Laurie, reported by]

  *) Fixed potential file descriptor leak in mod_asis; updated it and
     http_core to use pfopen/pfclose instead of fopen/fclose.
     [Randy Terbush and Roy Fielding]

  *) Fixed handling of unsigned ints in ap_snprintf() on some chips such
     as the DEC Alpha which is 64-bit but uses 32-bit ints. 
     [Dean Gaudet and Ken Coar]

  *) Return a 302 response code to the client when sending a redirect
     due to a missing trailing '/' on a directory instead of a 301; now
     it is cacheable. [Markus Gyger]

  *) Fix condition where, if a bad directive occurs in .htaccess, and
     sub_request() goes first to this directory, then log_reason() will
     SIGSEGV because it doesn't have initialized r->per_dir_config.
     [PR#162 from Petr Lampa, fix by Marc Slemko and Dean Gaudet]

  *) Fix handling of lang_index in is_variant_better().  This was
     causing problems which resulted in the server sending the
     wrong language document in some cases. [Petr Lampa]

  *) Remove free() from clean_env() in suexec wrapper. This was nuking
     the clean environment on some systems.

  *) Tweak byteserving code (e.g. serving PDF files) to work around
     bugs in Netscape Navigator and Microsoft Internet Explorer.
     Emit Content-Length header when sending multipart/byteranges.
     [Alexei Kosut]

  *) Port to HI-UX/WE2. [Nick Maclaren]

  *) Port to HP MPE operating system for HP 3000 machines
     [Mark Bixby <>]

  *) Fixed bug which caused a segmentation fault if only one argument
     given to RLimit* directives. [Ed Korthof]

  *) Continue persistent connection after 204 or 304 response. [Dean Gaudet]

  *) Improved buffered output to the client by delaying the flush decision
     until the BUFF code is actually about to read the next request.
     This fixes a problem introduced in 1.2b5 with clients that send
     an extra CRLF after a POST request. Also improved chunked output
     performance by combining writes using writev() and removing as
     many bflush() calls as possible.  NOTE: Platforms without writev()
     must add -DNO_WRITEV to the compiler CFLAGS, either in Configuration
     or Configure, unless we have already done so.  [Dean Gaudet]

  *) Fixed mod_rewrite bug which truncated the rewritten URL [Marc Slemko]

  *) Fixed mod_info output corruption bug introduced by buffer overflow
     fixes. [Dean Gaudet]

  *) Fixed http_protocol to correctly output all HTTP/1.1 headers, including
     for the special case of a 304 response.  [Paul Sutton]

  *) Improved handling of TRACE method by bypassing normal method handling
     and header parsing routines; fixed Allow response to always allow TRACE.
     [Dean Gaudet]

  *) Fixed compiler warnings in the regex library. [Dean Gaudet]

  *) Cleaned-up some of the generated HTML. [Ken Coar]

Changes with Apache 1.2b6

  *) Allow whitespace in imagemap mapfile coordinates. [Marc Slemko]

  *) Fix typo introduced in fix for potential infinite loop around
     accept() in child_main(). This change caused the rev to 1.2b6.
     1.2b5 was never a public beta.

Changes with Apache 1.2b5

  *) Change KeepAlive semantics (On|Off instead of a number), add
     MaxKeepAliveRequests directive. [Alexei Kosut]

  *) Various NeXT compilation patches, as well as a change in
     regex/regcomp.c since that file also used a NEXT define.
     [Andreas Koenig]

  *) Allow * to terminate the end of a directory match in mod_dir.
     Allows /~* to match for both /~joe and /~joe/. [David Bronder]

  *) Don't call can_exec() if suexec_enabled. Calling this requires
     scripts executed by the suexec wrapper to be world executable, which
     defeats one of the advantages of running the wrapper. [Randy Terbush]

  *) Portability Fix: IRIX complained with 'make clean' about *pure* (removed)
     [Jim Jagielski]
  *) Migration from sprintf() to snprintf() to avoid buffer
     overflows. [Marc Slemko]

  *) Provide portable snprintf() implementation (ap_snprintf)
     as well as *cvt family. [Jim Jagielski]

  *) Portability Fix: NeXT lacks unistd.h so we wrap it's inclusion
     [Jim Jagielski]

  *) Remove mod_fastcgi.c from the distribution. This module appears
     to be maintained more through the Open Market channels and should
     continue to be easily available at

  *) Fixed bug in modules/Makefile that wouldn't allow building in more
     than one subdirectory (or cleaning, either). [Jeremy Laidman]

  *) mod_info assumed that the config files were relative to ServerRoot.
     [Ken the Rodent]

  *) CGI scripts called as an error document resulting from failed
     CGI execution would hang waiting for POST'ed data. [Rob Hartill]

  *) Log reason when mod_dir returns access HTTP_FORBIDDEN
     [Ken the Rodent]

  *) Properly check errno to prevent display of a directory index
     when server receives a long enough URL to confuse stat().
     [Marc Slemko]

  *) Several security enhancements to suexec wrapper. It is _highly_
     recommended that previously installed versions of the wrapper
     be replaced with this version.  [Randy Terbush, Jason Dour]

	- ~user execution now properly restricted to ~user's home
	  directory and below.
	- execution restricted to UID/GID > 100
	- restrict passed environment to known variables
	- call setgid() before initgroups() (portability fix)
	- remove use of setenv() (portability fix)

  *) Add HTTP/1.0 response forcing. [Ben Laurie]

  *) Add access control via environment variables. [Ben Laurie]

  *) Add rflush() function. [Alexei Kosut]

  *) remove duplicate pcalloc() call in new_connection().

  *) Fix incorrect comparison which could allow number of children =
     MaxClients + 1 if less than HARD_SERVER_LIMIT. Also fix potential
     problem if StartServers > HARD_SERVER_LIMIT. [Ed Korthof]

  *) Updated support for OSes (MachTen, ULTRIX, Paragon, ISC, OpenBSD
     AIX PS/2, CONVEXOS. [Jim Jagielski]

  *) Replace instances of inet_ntoa() with inet_addr() for ProxyBlock.
     It's more portable. [Martin Kraemer]

  *) Replace references to make in Makefile.tmpl with $(MAKE).
     [Chuck Murcko]

  *) Add ProxyBlock directive w/IP address caching. Add IP address
     caching to NoCache directive as well. ProxyBlock works with all
     handlers; NoCache now also works with FTP for anonymous logins.
     Still more code cleanup. [Chuck Murcko]

  *) Add "header parse" API hook [Ben Laurie]

  *) Fix byte ordering problems for REMOTE_PORT [Chuck Murcko]

  *) suEXEC wrapper was freeing memory that had not been malloc'ed.

  *) Correctly allow access and auth directives in <Files> sections in
     server config files. [Alexei Kosut]

  *) Fix bug with ServerPath that could cause certain files to be not
     found by the server. [Alexei Kosut] 

  *) Fix handling of ErrorDocument so that it doesn't remove a trailing
     double-quote from text and so that it properly checks for unsupported
     status codes using the new index_of_response interface. [Roy Fielding] 

  *) Multiple fixes to the lingering_close code in order to avoid being
     interrupted by a stray timeout, to avoid lingering on a connection
     that has already been aborted or never really existed, to ensure that
     we stop lingering as soon as any error condition is received, and to
     prevent being stuck indefinitely if the read blocks.  Also improves
     reporting of error conditions.  [Marc Slemko and Roy Fielding]

  *) Fixed initialization of parameter structure for sigaction.
     [, Adrian Filipi-Martin]

  *) Fixed reinitializing the parameters before each call to accept and
     select, and removed potential for infinite loop in accept.
     [Roy Fielding, after useful PR from]

  *) Fixed condition where, if a child fails to fork, the scoreboard would
     continue to say SERVER_STARTING forever. Eventually, the main process
     would refuse to start new children because count_idle_servers() will
     count those SERVER_STARTING entries and will always report that there
     are enough idle servers. [Phillip Vandry]

  *) Fixed bug in bcwrite regarding failure to account for partial writes.
     Avoided calling bflush() when the client is pipelining requests.
     Removed unnecessary flushes from http_protocol. [Dean Gaudet]
  *) Added description of "." mode in server-status [Jim Jagielski]

Changes with Apache 1.2b4:

  *) Fix possible race condition in accept_mutex_init() that
     could leave a small security hole open allowing files to be
     overwritten in cases where the server UID has write permissions.
     [Marc Slemko]

  *) Fix awk compatibilty problem in Configure. [Jim Jagielski]

  *) Fix portablity problem in util_script where ARG_MAX may not be
     defined for some systems.

  *) Add changes to allow compilation on Machten 4.0.3 for PowerPC.
     [Randal Schwartz]

  *) OS/2 changes to support an MMAP style scoreboard file and UNIX
     style magic #! token for better script portability. [Garey Smiley]

  *) Fix bug in suexec wrapper introduced in b3 that would cause failed
     execution for ~userdir CGI. [Jason Dour]

  *) Fix initgroups() business in suexec wrapper. [Jason Dour]

  *) Fix month off by one in suexec wrapper logging.

Changes with Apache 1.2b3:

  *) Fix error in mod_cgi which could cause resources not to be properly
     freed, or worse. [Dean Gaudet]

  *) Fix find_string() NULL pointer dereference. [Howard Fear]

  *) Add set_flag_slot() at the request of Dirk and others.
     [Dirk vanGulik]

  *) Sync mod_rewrite with patch level 10. [Ralf Engelschall]

  *) Add changes to improve the error message given for invalid
     ServerName parameters. [Dirk vanGulik]

  *) Add "Authoritative" directive for Auth modules that don't
     currently have it. This gives admin control to assign authoritative
     control to an authentication scheme and allow "fall through" for
     those authentication modules that aren't "Authoritative" thereby
     allowing multiple authentication mechanisms to be chained.
     [Dirk vanGulik]

  *) Remove requirement for ResourceConfig/AccessConfig if not using
     the three config file layout. [Randy Terbush]

  *) Add PASV mode to mod_proxy FTP handler. [Chuck Murcko]

  *) Changes to suexec wrapper to fix the following problems:
     1.  symlinked homedirs will kill ~userdirs.
     2.  initgroups() on Linux 2.0.x clobbers gr->grid.
     3.  CGI command lines paramters problems
     4.  pw-pwdir for "docroot check" still the httpd user's pw record.
    [Randy Terbush, Jason Dour]

  *) Change create_argv() to accept variable arguments. This fixes
     a problem where arguments were not getting passed to the CGI via
     argv[] when the suexec wrapper was active. [Randy Terbush, Jake Buchholz]

  *) Collapse multiple slashes in path URLs to properly apply
     handlers defined by <Location>. [Alexei Kosut]

  *) Define a sane set of DEFAULT_USER and DEFAULT_GROUP values for AIX.

  *) Improve the accuracy of request duration timings by setting
     r->request_time in read_request_line() instead of read_request().
     [Dean Gaudet]

  *) Reset timeout while reading via get_client_block() in mod_cgi.c
     Fixes problem with timed out transfers of large files. [Rasmus Lerdorf]

  *) Add the ability to pass different Makefile.tmpl files to Configure
     using the -make flag. [Rob Hartill]

  *) Fix coredump triggered when sending a SIGHUP to the server caused
     by an assertion failure, in turn caused by an uninitialised field in a
     [Ben Laurie]

  *) Add FILEPATH_INFO variable to CGI environment, which is equal to
     PATH_INFO from previous versions of Apache (in certain situations,
     Apache 1.2's PATH_INFO will be different than 1.1's). [Alexei Kosut]

  *) Add rwrite() function to API to allow for sending strings of
     arbitrary length. [Doug MacEachern]

  *) Remove rlim_t typedef for NetBSD. Do older versions need this?

  *) Defined rlim_t and WANTHSREGEX=yes and fixed waitpid() substitute for
     NeXT. [Jim Jagielski]

  *) Removed recent modification to promote the status code on internal
     redirects, since the correct fix was to change the default log format
     in mod_log_config so that it outputs the original status. [Rob Hartill]

Changes with Apache 1.2b2:
  *) Update set_signals() to use sigaction() for setting handlers.
     This appears to fix a re-entrant problem in the seg_fault()
     bus_error() handlers. [Randy Terbush]

  *) Changes to allow mod_status compile for OS/2 [Garey Smiley]

  *) changes for DEC AXP running OSF/1 v3.0. [Marc Evans]

  *) proxy_http.c bugfixes:  [Chuck Murcko]
        1) fixes possible NULL pointer reference w/NoCache
        2) fixes NoCache behavior when using ProxyRemote (ProxyRemote
           host would cache nothing if it was in the local domain,
           and the local domain was in the NoCache list)
        3) Adds Host: header when not available
        4) Some code cleanup and clarification

  *) mod_include.c bugfixes:
	1) Fixed an ommission that caused include variables to not 
	   be parsed in config errmsg directives [Howard Fear]
	2) Remove HAVE_POSIX_REGEX cruft [Alexei Kosut]
	3) Patch to fix compiler warnings []
	4) Allow backslash-escaping to all quoted text
	   [Ben Yoshino <>]
	5) Pass variable to command line if not set in XSSI's env
	   [Howard Fear]

  *) Fix infinite loop when processing Content-language lines in
     type-map files. [Alexei Kosut]

  *) Closed file-globbing hole in test-cgi script. [Brian Behlendorf]

  *) Fixed problem in set_[user|group] that prevented CGI execution
     for non-virtualhosts when suEXEC was enabled. [Randy Terbush]

  *) Added PORTING information file.  [Jim Jagielski]

  *) Added definitions for S_IWGRP and S_IWOTH to conf.h [Ben Laurie]

  *) Changed default group to "nogroup" instead of "nobody" [Randy Terbush]

  *) Fixed define typo of FCNTL_SERIALIZED_ACCEPT where

  *) Fixed additional uses of 0xffffffff where INADDR_NONE was intended,
     which caused problems of systems where socket s_addr is >32bits.

  *) Added comment to explain (r->chunked = 1) side-effect in
     http_protocol.c [Roy Fielding]

  *) Replaced use of index() in mod_expires.c with more appropriate
     and portable isdigit() test.  [Ben Laurie]
  *) Updated Configure for ... 
	OS/2	      (DEF_WANTHSREGEX=yes, other code changes)
        *-dg-dgux*    (bad pattern match)
        QNX           (DEF_WANTHSREGEX=yes)
        *-sunos4*     (DEF_WANTHSREGEX=yes, -DUSEBCOPY)
        *-ultrix      (new)
	*-unixware211 (new)
     and added some user diagnostic info.  [Ben Laurie]

  *) In helpers/CutRule, replaced "cut" invocation with "awk" invocation
     for better portability. [Jim Jagielski]

  *) Updated helpers/GuessOS for ... 
        SCO 5            (recognize minor releases)
        SCO Unixware     (braindamaged uname, whatever-whatever-unixware2)
	SCO UnixWare 2.1.1	(requires a separate set of #defines in conf.h)
        IRIX64           (-sgi-irix64)
        ULTRIX           (-unknown-ultrix)
        SINIX            (-whatever-sysv4)
        NCR Unix         (-ncr-sysv4)
     and fixed something in helpers/PrintPath  [Ben Laurie]

Changes with Apache 1.2b1:

  *) Not listed. See <>

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