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From (Rodent of Unusual Size)
Subject Re: [STATUS] Sunday, April 6, 08:50pm PDT
Date Mon, 07 Apr 1997 11:04:35 GMT
>From the fingers of "Roy T. Fielding" flowed the following:
>Agenda for 1.2b8-dev
>Patches available:
>  * Doug MacEachern's [PATCH] merge dbm auth configs
>        Status: The question is, should we be merging auth configs?

    IMHO, not by default and not unless it's configurable.  Too big a
    change from current behaviour, and potential seems great for
    inheritance confusion.  Unless we want to stress-test GNATS.. ;->

>Documentation Changes that should make 1.2:
>  * Ken's Partially-updated draft FAQ r-f-c
>    Currently at <>
>        Status: +1 Roy, Paul S.

    I'm going to add a couple of things to this to-day and then submit
    it as a patch to the current FAQ.html.  Votes, please; if approved,
    I'll start posting it to c.i.w.s.u.

>  * mod_example.c illustration of command handler call semantics for
>    the different directive argument types (et alia).  +1 Dirk, Chuck,
>    but needs work.  I'll try to flesh this out in the next few days if
>    these mean "+1 to including in distribution".  +1 from Ralf.
>    ... and more work ...
>    And Ken says check it all out at <http://Example.Remulak.DECUS.Org:9000/>

    Likewise, I'm going to try to get this complete to-day or to-morrow.

>  * Navigator 3.01 and 4.0b2 says image is corrupt if Server field contains
>    Server: Apache/1.2b8-dev mod_perl/0.94
>        Status: definitely document, maybe hack a fix

    I'll add this to the FAQ to-day.  I don't remember seeing this
    discussion (although I'm about four dozen messages behind); can
    someone send me a message-ID or two so I can include details?  Ta.

>Not yet patches:
>  * Update to mod_rewrite 3.0.3?  Fix signed port.

    Maybe Ralf's on holiday..  I didn't see if this was included in Dean's
    [?] unsignedness patch; if not, I'll submit this to-day myself.

>  * <IMG SRC="a CGI"> crates [sic] zombies on FreeBSDLinux
>    (see <>
>    for the details; I'm not going to try to decode 'em)  Reporter
>    says hackers have told it the cause lies in an error in the loop
>    structure in alloc.c's fork()/signal()/wait() handling
>    (no PR#, 1.1.1/1.2.something (?), 23/2/1997, <>)
>      - Marc said it *might* be related to the kindercide issue

    Maybe CGI buffering? (e.g., $| in Perl?)

    #ken    :-)}

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