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From Paul Richards <>
Subject Re: something to think about for 2.0...
Date Sun, 13 Apr 1997 12:09:50 GMT
Dean Gaudet <> writes:

> One difference between FreeBSD/Linux/etc and Apache is that it's easier
> for the general public to find the development lists.  That is a
> double-edged sword -- you end up both with user-support questions, but you
> also end up with more volunteers.  I don't see how with the small team we
> have we could possibly do proper release engineering.  Many of us are also
> involved in the web industry which has a tendancy to suck your life right
> out of you and leave little time for side projects.  We don't seem to have
> as many grad students with lots of "spare" time as I see on the other
> projects ;) 

This is a smokescreen. 

Most contributors to FreeBSD are "professionals" who hack for a
living and suffer the same problems with commitment to the project
because of "real work". There aren't that many more active contributors
either and proportionally to the size of the code base I'd say
there are less. Apache and/or the web industry is not any different
to the rest of the industry.

It takes one, maybe two people to manage a release, that's the whole
issue, there should only be one or two people who understand release
procedures and are happy not to hack the release tree. With everyone
trying to get a release out and most of them wanting to actually do
development, you end up in the mess we've ended up in.

Bug reports should *decrease* during a release cycle not
increase. Number of lines of code changed should *significantly*
decrease not increase. Functionality should not be enhanced one iota
and "cleanups" are not bug fixes despite what some people here claim,
cleaning up code should be done during development.

The bcopy to memmove was a cleanup and it *did* introduce bugs which
is why seemingly innocuous and trivial "easily understood" changes
should not be made during beta cycles but during the development
phase. If I wanted to spend the time doing so I could list a lot more
cases where changes made during this release have destabilised
the code.

  Dr Paul Richards, Originative Solutions Ltd.
  Phone: 0370 462071 (UK Mobile)

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