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From Paul Richards <>
Subject Re: something to think about for 2.0...
Date Sun, 13 Apr 1997 11:56:48 GMT
Chuck Murcko <chuck@Topsail.ORG> writes:

> Which bcopy change? If it's the one I'm thinking of, I'd have to ask
> the question:

The one that replaces bcopy with memmove.

> Where have you been for the last 6 months?

Umm, there was a fix in 1.2b7 (or 8) for SunOS so I don't understand
the question, this is a recent problem and one *introduced* during the
beta cycle for no good reason.

As to where I've been, I've been here lurking on the list since my
personal life got suddenly hectic but is now returning to normal so I
actually spend time at my computer at home again (got engaged and
finished my Phd and the former is the main reason for not doing much
hacking rather than the latter :-).

  Dr Paul Richards, Originative Solutions Ltd.
  Phone: 0370 462071 (UK Mobile)

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