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From (Ralf S. Engelschall)
Subject Need two more Unix derivates...
Date Sat, 26 Apr 1997 16:15:56 GMT

Sorry, this is not related to Apache, but I hope some of you can help me.  

As you know I'm developing some popular free software packages and always when
I get a problem report I try to fix it immediately. While I still have access
to a lot of machines with a lot of different Unix derivates for testing
(SunOS, Solaris, HP-UX, FreeBSD, Linux), two of them are _always_ missing in
the past: AIX and IRIX. Because neither at the University nor at work or at
home there is a machine with these derivates. So I'm always unable to test the
problems myself. I ignored this fact all the time in the past but now it
really annoys me.

  ** So, the question is: **
  Can someone provide me with a stupid user account (max. 2-10 MB disk space
  needed temporarily for compilation) on an Internet-accessible machine
  running under either AIX or IRIX where I can test my packages from time to

Currently while preparing the ePerl 2.1.0 release I'm really need this,
because all others OS were already tested before release, but AIX and IRIX are
again missing. But at least two AIX and one IRIX user had reported problems
with Beta-versions of ePerl :-(

I hope there is a smart man out there in our hackers world who has a big heart
for another busy hacker...

                                       Ralf S. Engelschall

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