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From Randy Terbush <>
Subject Re: [PATCH] Handle timeouts in buffers as well as connection
Date Mon, 21 Apr 1997 21:55:05 GMT
> >However, it does seem that something has gone ary WRT Content 
> >Length and Keepalives. (Assuming that Netscape uses 
> >"Content-Length" to determine transfer rate) Netscape shows
> >significantly  reduced throughput in it's progress meter, but other
> >tests seem to show that the transfer rate remains the same. I'm not
> >entirely sure I can blame it on this patch, but at this time can
> >narrow it down between Dean's graceful restart patches and this one.
> I haven't noticed any slowdown here -- if anything, it's faster
> with the timeout patches than it was the last time I checked the
> request rate.  However, that's just large numbers of small files.
> I tested it with a non-stop print CGI and a 78KB plain text file
> as well, but only after the patch was made.  I haven't tested
> the graceful restart patch yet.
> ....Roy

The actual data transfer is not any slower, but Netscape seems to 
be reporting it as such. I'm not sure what Netscape bases transfer 
rate calculations on. I'm assuming a value in the Content-Length.

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