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From Andrew Wilson <>
Subject Re: [TIP]: How to use an Apache Proxy to filter Advertisements
Date Fri, 18 Apr 1997 19:31:59 GMT
Rob Hartill:
> > > Actually now that the IAB has standardized on various ad sizes you could
> > > write a filter that filtered those image sizes.  Many sites will make it
> > > even more convenient for you by including height and width tags.  :) 
> I see the smilies but as I've said before, I will veto any mention of
> ad blocking in Apache. Ads are the only source of income for many
> sites and providers. I'd also consider proxy ad filtering to be a
> form of modified redistribution that infringes my copyright.
> If anyone does try this idea I will make a hell of a lot of noise
> on and off this list and perhaps let my rabid copyright lawyer out
> of his cage.

It would indeed be a uniquely altruistic developer who enabled
Apache in this way.  And a bigger fool who configured their services
so.  But I'm sure both exist.

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> Rob Hartill                              Internet Movie Database (Ltd)
>   .. a site for sore eyes.

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