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From (Ralf S. Engelschall)
Subject Re: Broken API / per-dir config create (was: Re: mod_rewrite and
Date Sun, 13 Apr 1997 16:30:30 GMT

In article <> you wrote:
> From the fingers of Ralf S. Engelschall flowed the following:
> >
> >It is 1.2b8 plus the three mod_proxy patches. And it happens here at two
> >machines: my webserver (en3) and my developing machine (en1). You can test
> >it as follows: Just take any homedir of a user and insert something like
> >
> >   Options FollowSymLinks
> >   RewriteEngine on
> >   RewriteRule ^FOO$ BAR [R]
> >
> >and then request http://thismachine/~thisuser/FOO. It should redirect to
> >http://thismachine/~thisuser/BAR. But it doesn't.

>     No, it didn't.  It got redirected to
>     http://thismachine/usr/users/thisuser/public_html/BAR - in other words,
>     mod_rewrite made the change, but interpolated the `~' rather than
>     leaving it alone.

Ok, thats because you don't have a RewriteBase directive. Sorry, when you add
"RewriteBase /~thisuser/" then the redirect is correct.  But why works it for
you while not for me and the guys who send me a report. Hmmm....

>     However, this is the exact same behaviour I'm seeing for 1.2b7 (I
>     keep servers running for all of the versions for comparison
>     purposes).  So I don't see any new breakage.  I'm inclined to regard
>     the `~' interpolation as a bug, but I don't use mod_rewrite and
>     don't know enough about it to know whether this is a feature.

No, just because of the missing RewriteBase. Is documented since its first
days and intended this way.

> >Hmmmm... I cannot 100% say that this problem is not related to some other
> >configuration things, because I use a very special httpd.conf file. BUT: At
> >least two other users have reported the same problems with rewrite rules
> >under 1.2b8. I think the reason why we have not seen more reports is that
> >
> >1. mod_rewrite is the only module which actually is based on this
> >   API-information

>     Eh?  *Most* modules use the per-dir-create function.  Or do you mean
>     that very few actually use the second argument?  

Exactly: the second argument.

>     Mod_example does
>     (that's the module I used to check for the null argument), and it
>     doesn't see this problem.

> >2. Apache 1.2b8 is out one week now, so still not tested in depth
> >   by a lot of webmasters

>     Well, even my tests against 1.2b7 and 1.2b9-dev don't show this.

Ok, then there is a good chance that the problem not so bad as we though at
first. Then it is no a general one. Instead is has to to with some other
configuration stuff. I will go in depth.

> >But I and at least two different other guys have seen the problems on their
> >servers....

>     1.2b8 didn't include the 3.0.3 sync patch, but 1.2b9 does.  I'll
>     fire up a vanilla 1.2b8 server and try the test there.  Which
>     version are you and these others running?  1.2b8, or 1.2b8+3.03?

Both 3.0.2 and 3.0.3 but the changes were only minor and had nothing to do
with that. They just brought in the "unsigned port" and "80 -> DEFAULT_PORT"

Hmmmm... now I'm totally confused. What is going here for me... A really crazy
weekend, because my webserver went down due to big hardware problems this
morning. I had to replace it with a completely different machine. Argl, I hate
such weekends... :-(

                                       Ralf S. Engelschall

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