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From "Garey Smiley" <>
Subject OS/2 SIGTERM Problem
Date Thu, 10 Apr 1997 14:59:01 GMT

With the 1.2b7 and 1.2b8 code OS/2 is longer able to terminate Apache. In the error log I

[Wed Apr  9 23:02:02 1997] Server configured -- resuming normal operations
[Wed Apr  9 23:02:14 1997] httpd: caught SIGTERM, shutting down

but on the screen I get 

Process terminated by SIGKILL
core dumped

and the Apache parent process is gone, but the children are still there. Any ideas on where
to start looking? 1.2b6 works perfectly.

Garey Smiley
SoftLink Services
(330)848-1312 FAX/Data(330)699-4474

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