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From Nathan J Kurz <>
Subject Re: parsing the output of CGI for SSI
Date Thu, 10 Apr 1997 05:38:36 GMT
>     I have the same opinion about the FAQ of being able to process CGI
>     output for SSI, but that's another discussion. <g>

Is this a topic that could be opened?  Although that particular case
might not be desirable, I see the ability to chain together modules as
something that Apache needs for the future.  For example, we
dynamically put headers and footers on the top and bottom of all the
pages we serve.  This is hard to do with Apache.

I have a module that does this for static pages, but life is hard for
CGI scripts.  I've written a modified CGI module that spools to disk
and 'rehandles' the request with r->content_type set to the return
type and r->file set to the temp file, but this isn't a very elegant
solution.  (Although the performance hit isn't as bad as you might
think -- around 20% for small things)

Among other things, I think it would be helpful for a handler to be
able to specify 'AGAIN' as a return value.  Upon this, the current
level would be restarted with the (presumably) new values of the
request_rec.  Like Rob's 'DONE', this would allow much finer control
of the processing.  It wouldn't solve all problems, but it would be a

Thoughts? Or should I stay out the way until you're done working on

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