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From Randy Terbush <>
Subject Re: FYI - coredumps on FreeBSD
Date Sun, 06 Apr 1997 21:54:35 GMT
> On Sun, 6 Apr 1997, Randy Terbush wrote:
> > FWIW - I _am_ on 2.2. Things don't appear to play any nicer on 2.2 
> > WRT FD_SETSIZE than on 2.1. Overall, the changes seem to be a win. 
> > 2.2 also seems to handle the load a little better.
> Odd.  AFAIK, it _should_ work fine.  I will have to look at it when I get
> a chance, perhaps something else is going on.  Are you sure that you
> redefined FD_SETSIZE before including any other files _everywhere_ in the
> source you were compiling?

Currently #defined in make.conf. I got bitten by some ports that 
are ignoring values set in this file. 'World' is always made with 
the FD_SETSIZE=1024. I'm reluctant to hack the #include, but might.
256 seems unreasonably small these days.

> BTW, if you are using 2.2 you probably want the change made by dg the
> other week to only wakeup one of the processes blocked in accept() instead
> of all of them.  I am wondering if reversing the order of searching the
> queue (to make the queue of processes blocked in accept() be handled LIFO
> instead of FIFO) could help for using Apache.  It would mean that instead
> of subsequent requests rotating through all the servers currently running,
> they would use the most recently used one that is free.  I will probably
> tyr a setsockopt() hack to let the process specify this sometime.

I have caught _some_ of yours and dg's comments on this. My house 
has been burning down here for the past week, so I have not had 
time to digest it.  Interesting idea though.

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