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From Petr Lampa <>
Subject [PATCH] mod_dir redirect&negotiation problems
Date Sat, 05 Apr 1997 14:54:46 GMT

> 1.2b8 status as of Fri Apr 04 20:35 PST 1997
>   * redirect of index file causes SEGV [Marc]
> 	Status: have a way to stop the core dump, but that doesn't make
> 	it work properly.
> 	See also: <>
>   * PR#161 -- mod_dir performance with negotiation
> 	Status: Petr posted patch, Dean +1 on part
> 	Petr posted query about how it should be redone.

Maybe part of my original patch for mod_dir will help. This patch also 
necessary to get out negotiation headers through mod_dir, so it should be 
there for 1.2b8.  What is does: if subrequest returns redirect or 
not acceptable, copy headers and return immediately. 

No optimization is done so far, I had not enough time for inventing
anything. But I have one question. Is it acceptable to integrate
index file lookup with directory traversal in read_types_multi()? 
This is the only way how to really speed up things. Directory would 
be scanned only once for all possible index files and variants. At now
it could be scanned INDEX_FILE_COUNT times. If the answer is yes, I'll do it.


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