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From Andrew Wilson <>
Subject Perforce source code management, and Apache HTTPD
Date Thu, 03 Apr 1997 07:25:44 GMT

	I was trawling for CVS replacements and came across the 
very wonderful, but commercial Perforce system.

Of interest is a note in the URL:

which covers an extra application named 'web://keeper' a Web Content


Supported HTTP Servers

      web://keeper is currently available for the Apache httpd
      server. This is a high performance, pluggable Web server
      based on the NCSA server, and is made available in source
      code form by the Apache Group.

      PERFORCE software distributes Apache server executables built
      with the web://keeper module. Contact us for distribution
      information. The remainder of the Apache server distribution
      is available from the Apache Group Home Page.


      web://keeper is free. 

      Single-user PERFORCE systems are also free. 

      See the PERFORCE Pricing and Ordering Page for information
      about multi-user PERFORCE systems.


Note the 'PERFORCE software distributes Apache server executables
built with the web://keeper module'.  I took a quick look and though
the URL is mentioned priminently on that URL there's
no hint of LICENCEese.

Any comments?  Perhaps they hust mean they have precompiled modules
which you can link into your existing distribution?  [is there an
easy way to do this at the moment??]  The page mentions contacting
Perforce for distribution info.


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