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From (Ralf S. Engelschall)
Subject ANNOUNCE: Website META Language (WML)
Date Wed, 02 Apr 1997 11:11:08 GMT
While gFONT is a more "graphics yahhoooo" program which don't get the best
critics from the deepest webhackers here ;-) the following is actually more
for those hardcore "HTML is a markup language - point" people.

                                       Ralf S. Engelschall
  __        ____  __ _     
  \ \      / /  \/  | |    
   \ \ /\ / /| |\/| | |    
    \ V  V / | |  | | |___ 
     \_/\_/  |_|  |_|_____|
  WML -- Website META Language
  Version 1.0b4 (02-04-1997)


  Copyright (c) 1996,1997 Ralf S. Engelschall, All rights reserved.

  WML is a HTML generation toolkit, internally consisting of 7 independend
  languages.  The main idea of WML is a sequential filtering scheme where each
  language provides one of 7 processing passes. So WML reads an input file,
  applies passes 1-7 (or optionally only the passes specified) and finally
  produces one or more output files. It operates as a powerful offline HTML
  generation toolkit for webdesigners. While not trivial and idiot proof it
  provides most of the features real hackers always wanted for HTML

    Pass 1: Source Reading and Include File Expansion 
    Pass 2: Meta HTML Macro Construct Expansion 
    Pass 3: Perl 5 Programming Construct Expansion 
    Pass 4: Character and String Substitution 
    Pass 5: HTML Fixup 
    Pass 6: Line Stripping and Output Fixup 
    Pass 7: Output Splitting and Final Writing 
  It can be used both trivially like
     $ wml -opage.html page.wml
  to create a single output page and in an advanced way like
     $ wml -oENuUNDEF:page.html.en@u+x \
  to create two (or more) output pages - an english and a german one.

  To sum it up, this program is for you when.. are a Webdesigner. really create Webareas and not just single Webpages.
    ...your primary HTML creation platform is Unix. love the idea of HTML generation. hate the HTML code of WYSIWYG editors. want to use favorite programming features.

  But, this program is *NOT* for you when... are just a WWW user. create a few Webpages in your live only.
    ...your primary HTML creation platform is Windows or Macintosh. don't know about or even hate generation tools. don't have any problems with WYSIWYG editors. hate programming languages.

  Implementation:  - ANSI C, Perl 5
  Requirements:    - Unix derivate
                   - Perl >=5.003 interpreter
                   - ANSI C compiler
  Distribution:    - freely available
                   - no charge
                   - GNU Public License
  Status:          - Genesis: Dezember 1996
                   - still Beta level, but stable

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