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From Rob Hartill <>
Subject [BUG]: "kernel panics and dumps core" on SunOS 4.x (fwd)
Date Mon, 17 Mar 1997 21:40:01 GMT

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Date: Mon Mar 17 10:52:17 1997
Subject: [BUG]: "kernel panics and dumps core" on SunOS 4.x

Operating system: SunOS 4.x, version: 
Version of Apache Used: 1.2b7
Extra Modules used: rewrite, info, dbm_auth, digest, expires, headers, usertrack
URL exhibiting problem: 

We received a patch from Roy T. Fielding on
Mar. 11th for this bug.  After installing the
patch and restarting the server, we experienced
another crash within a day:

pid 775, `httpd': Data fault
kernel read fault at addr=0x20, pme=0x0
Sync Error Reg 80<INVALID>
pc=0xf801e7d8, sp=0xf86fcda0, psr=0x114000c7, context=0x9
g1-g7: f801e7cc, 4b000, ffffff00, 48000000, f86fd000, 0, 0
Begin traceback... sp = f86fcda0
Called from f805d534, fp=f86fce00, args=1 ff65d10c 6 1 f86fceb0 0
Called from f8060294, fp=f86fce60, args=ff65d10c 6 1 ff652800 0 ff652800
Called from f810ac60, fp=f86fcec0, args=f86fcfe0 348 f8143ab8 f836e560 ff652800
Called from f8005a54, fp=f86fcf58, args=f86fd000 f86fcfb4 f86fcfe0 f86fd000 f86f
d000 f86fcfb4
Called from 4e7c, fp=f7fff950, args=10 6 1 f7fff9b4 4 f86fcfb4
End traceback...
panic: Data fault

Again, the kernel core files indicate a similar
error in the arguments to setsockopt():

      FP       PC             SYM+ OFF  ARGS
f86f2c20 f804e2a8          _panic+  6c  f81592fb f86f2d54 20 80 f86f3 f7fffca8
f86f2c80 f8109c34           _trap+  184  9 f86f2d54 20 80 1 0
f86f2cf8 f8005b98      _page_rele+  34  f8427220 4000 f8427220 0 ff04e9b4
f86f2da0 f80a6be4_segvn_faultpage+  460  1 ff65520c 6 1 f86f2eb0 0
f86f2e00 f805d534       _sosetopt+  5c  ff65520c 6 1 ff65cc00 0 ff65cc00
f86f2e60 f8060294     _setsockopt+  dc  f86f2fe0 348 f8143ab8 f836b3f0 ff65cc00 f86f2fe0
f86f2ec0 f810ac60        _syscall+  3b4  f86f3000

We are upgrading our servers to Solaris and
have decided for now not to continue using
the 1.2 beta Apache servers.  Clearly there
is a kernel bug as well which causes a core
dump and hopefully Solaris will prevent this.
However, we hope to be able to run 1.2 in the
future on our older SunOS machines.  Can you
advise on possible kernel bug patches we should




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