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From Rob Hartill <>
Subject Re: [BUG]: "mod_dld problem: variable in httpd_config.c counted wrong" on Irix (fwd)
Date Sat, 15 Mar 1997 21:56:31 GMT

Anyone interested in this should talk to him.

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Date: Sat, 15 Mar 1997 21:22:25 +0100
From: Johannes Deisenhofer <>
To: Rob Hartill <>
Subject: Re: [BUG]: "mod_dld problem: variable in httpd_config.c counted wrong" on Irix

Rob Hartill wrote:
> Hi, thanks for the info. I'll pass it on to see if someone can
> investigate.
> cheers,
> rob


I have done some more research. I have built and tested a patch
that should fix my problem and the problem with mod_dld.
The patch is included. 

Justifikation for the changes:
1.) interpreting total_modules as the numer of *statically* linked
    modules makes changes to total_modules unnecessary.
2.) But then, we have to allocate extra space, which was
    only partly done.
3.) Removing the check around module numbering ensures that
    num_modules is increased. (Which did not happen before since
    the index was already set in setup_prelinked_modules)

Furthermore, I have included my mod_dynamic module, replacing
mod_dld for COFF and ELF systems. It requires this patch to work.

Please give me a short note if this module has any chance of being in
the distribution, since I'll otherwise make it availible by myself.

Keep up the good work!
// Johannes Deisenhofer

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