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From Dean Gaudet <>
Subject 1.2b8 release date?
Date Thu, 20 Mar 1997 08:58:22 GMT
Assume we get a positive response from on those 3-second-cgi patches I
sent to the bug submitters.  Can we aim for a 1.2b8 release this weekend? 
This whole thing is dragging on for sooo long it's getting painful. 

I've got more performance patches I've written and other stuff that can't
make 1.2 but I'd like to get out there.  There's enough contrib stuff for
a 1.3 almost immediately.  While we work on 2.0 (which at our rate will
take forever) it would be nice if there was someone who we could bless to
pull together a 1.3 interim release. 


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