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From Dean Gaudet <>
Subject Re: HTTP protocol violation on your server (fwd)
Date Mon, 10 Mar 1997 14:31:37 GMT
Hi Stewart,

Uh I actually know exactly what is wrong and it is HotWired code.  The
<!-- start local exec --> ... <!-- end local exec --> stuff is from some
really old legacy code in the hotwired server that embeds a CGI-like
application which writes directly on the socket...  and you can probably
guess the problem.  It's bypassing the chunking code. 

I'll get it fixed ASAP. 

You haven't seen any other problems with vanillia 1.2b7 or 1.2b8-dev
Apache servers have you?  1.2b7 includes improved chunking support which I
put a bunch of effort into hand-checking all cases, but you know how that


On Mon, 10 Mar 1997, Rob Hartill wrote:

> This is to do with chunked encoding. Takes a while for him to mention
> that fact.
> no ack
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> Date: Mon, 10 Mar 1997 17:40:22 +0000 (GMT)
> From:
> To:
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> Subject: HTTP protocol violation on your server
> Dear WebMaster @ Hotwired, apache-bugs,
> [I do not know whether this is a fault in the Apache development server
> that is running or whether it is a fault in the custom
> code added by the HotWired team.  However, since the ApacheWeek
> newsletter indicates that the development team intend to release the
> full Apache 1.2 imminently, I have decided to copy apache-bugs on this
> e-mail directly in case it is an Apache fault]
> When I tried to visit the HotWired site, my browser refused to download:
> <URL:>
> The reason it gave was an HTTP/1.1 protocol violation.  Upon running a
> debug version of my browser, I discovered that the server was attempting
> to use a chunked encoding but whenever a "local exec" chunk was in the
> data stream, the chunk size indicator that should have immediately
> preceded the output of the local exec was missing - a blank line was
> supplied instead.  I have made available a complete transcript of the HTTP
> transaction which demonstrates the output at
> <URL:>
> This file does not contain the complete download as my client aborted the
> transfer when it became confused.  The fault occurs on the 29th line of
> that text file and at every point where the string "<!-- start local exec
> -->" appears.
> Both Anselm Baird-Smith ( and I have noticed the same
> behaviour - he is using libwww version 5.xx and I'm using my own
> independent HTTP implementation.  This fault was observed with
> Apache/1.2b7-dev HotWired/1.1 but I forgot to report it then.  The
> fault still occurs as of March 10th 1997 with "Server: Apache/1.2b8-dev
> HotWired/1.1".
> I hope that this provides enough information for the maintainers of
> whichever piece of software is failing here to locate and fix the bug.
> Regards,
> -- 
> Stewart Brodie, Electronics & Computer Science, Southampton University.

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