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From Brian Behlendorf <>
Subject Proxy passing file types
Date Fri, 28 Mar 1997 01:31:49 GMT

One thing we've run into an interesting need to be able to support is the
ability to use the proxy code to relay a request for certain file types, rather
than just on a subdirectory basis like we have now.  I.e.

would get relayed to

or even

where jigsaw was used to create that page.  ProxyPass right now works on the
subdirectory level, i.e. ->

(or even on /) but this is slightly different.  The proxy code is looking for a
subdir to remove from the path to make the request, based on the second
argument to ProxyPass.

We modified the proxy code to not do this if the path doesn't being with / -

ProxyPass .jtml

This works like a charm.  I'll submit this in a few days after some more
testing... I was just wondering if folks thought this was the right path to
take.  We also tried

<Location *.jtml>
ProxyPass /

[ used as an example]

But the server barfed on the config, saying "ProxyPass not allowed here".  

Feedback would be cool.



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