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From Brian Behlendorf <>
Subject Apache and RSA (fwd)
Date Sun, 02 Mar 1997 23:36:42 GMT

Anyone who wants to follow up, please do so, and let the list know...



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Date: Fri, 28 Feb 1997 02:16:35 -0800
From: Scott Jennings <>
Subject: Apache and RSA

I'm not sure who this should be addressed to, please forward

My name is Scott Jennings.  I own a small ISP in Northern
California.  My father is Alan Jennings, and is one of the
principle founders of Rainbow Technologies Inc. (RNBO on nasdaq).

I've recently been told that Rainbow is about to market an RSA
engine card intended to speed up secure transactions on web
servers.  They claim it runs 10 times faster than software alone.

I suggested to Al that a couple of these cards should find their
way into the hands of the Apache developers for a number of reasons:

 o  Apache could support the cards, and therefore secure transactions,
    without any RSA code in the Apache source limiting exports.

 o  With an open device driver for the cards, other applications
    could also make use of it, such as PGP, tunneling software,
    and encrypted filesystems.

 o  With a clearly defined interface to a raw RSA engine (the
    device driver) the door is opened for software emulation of
    the card where the export restrictions don't apply.

Rainbow would benefit from the drivers having been written by the
unix community to adhere to open standards, and even the software
emulation would benefit Rainbow, by being a stepping stone to
much higher performance (and lower system load) with a card

I often wonder how much free advertising Western Digital watchdog
cards are getting from the Linux kernel source... I first heard
about them there, and that's why I use them.

I don't know what I can sell them on, but I seem to have sold my
father, and he's the single largest shareholder.  Who in Apache
development would be interested in these things, and how many
should I shoot for?

	Scott Jennings
	PO Box 1199
	Penn Valley, CA   95946
	916-477-4565 (tell service to page scott)


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