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From Brian Behlendorf <>
Subject apache on the Amiga! (fwd)
Date Sun, 02 Mar 1997 23:02:38 GMT

Intriguing!  Place your votes for  

  1) Creating an apache-amiga-dev mailing list on
  2) Distributing an amiga port of Apache vs. 
     just pointing to it as a related project.
I +1 creation of the list, and pointing to is as a related project.

I'm about to do the same for NT, given the 3 positive comments and no
negative ones.

Garey, do you want something similar done for OS/2 developers?



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Date: Thu, 27 Feb 1997 01:04:16 +0100 (MET)
From: Bert Vortman <>
Cc: Jeff Shepherd <>
Subject: apache on the Amiga!

Dear Apache,

We are happy to announce that the Amiga line of computers also supports
the Apache server now. It's compiled under the GCC port for the Amiga and
a special library (called ixemul.library) for the UNIX support. It's
compiled by Jeff Shepherd. It looks that it runs stable, but it needs a
lot of testing before we can make a public announce. It needs a lot of
testing due to the differences between unix and the amiga computers,
though there are many similarities. And that brings me to a question we

Is it possible to have a 'Amiga apache' mailinglist at the server of The purpose of the list would be discussions about
support, testing & developing software for the apache server for the Amiga
line of computers. It would be very helpful to us if you could provide
such a mailinglist. 

We hope to hear from you,


Bert Vortman. 

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