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From (Rodent of Unusual Size)
Subject Re: [STATUS]
Date Sat, 15 Mar 1997 21:25:53 GMT
    Ken's getting boring again.. read on.

>From the fingers of Dean Gaudet flowed the following:
>Agenda for 1.2b8-dev
>Patches available:
>    * Ken's [PATCH] Re: Putting modules in their own subdirectories
>	(after many revisions)
>	<>
>	Status: Chuck +1, Jim +1
>	[Ken could you repost the latest greatest of this?  I lost track.]

    Coming up in another message..

>    * Ralf's [SYNC] mod_rewrite
>	<>
>	Status: Jim +1

    Doesn't this fix the following (from the "No patches yet" section)?
>  * Make of server fails during ld phase on AIX 3.2.5 with undefined
>    symbol ".flock"
>    (no PR#, 1.2b7. 24/2/1997, <>)

>    * [PATCH] Re: [BUG?] vhost error log not set when
>	creater_server_config() called
>	<>

    Um, I'll be glad to test this instanter - if I can get the patch in
    cleartext.  (My mailreader is ASCII only, and not MIME-capable.)

>Showstoppers with no patches yet:
>  * SIGHUP on Solaris 2.x causes server to die with "bind: Address
>    already in use" and "httpd: could not bind to address
>    port 80".  Server is Listen-ing on four IP addresses at port 80;
>    the one above is the last Listen directive.  Three virtual hosts
>    declared as well as main/default server.
>    (no PR#, 1.2b7, 24/2/1997, <>)
>      - was also reported by same user against 1.2b4
>      - and reported on linux as well, has to do with proxy maybe (Aram)

    And wasn't this one fixed by Randy's patch of 7/3/1997 (message ID
    <>) which clears memory for
    Listen directives?  (Committed on 10/3/1997.)

>Documentation Changes that should make 1.2:
>  * mod_template.c illustration of command handler call semantics for
>    the different directive argument types (et alia).  +1 Dirk, Chuck,
>    but needs work.  I'll try to flesh this out in the next few days if
>    these mean "+1 to including in distribution".  +1 from Ralf.
>    ... and more work ...
>    And Ken says check it all out at <http://Test.Remulak.DECUS.Org:9000/>

    Yup; significant progress being made here (I think).  New URL,
    though: <http://Template.Remulak.DECUS.Org:9000/>.

>No patches yet:
>  * With no limits on <Directory />, a UserDir of "./" allows "~root/"
>    to walk down the entire filesystem.
>    (no PR#, 1.1.3, 21/2/1997, "Michael Douglass" <>)
>      - "don't do that", but should probably be noted in the UserDir
>	documentation and the Security Tips page.  That the default
>	access is "if the server can reach it, it can serve it" should
>	definitely be noted.  (<Directory> description and security
>	tips?)
>      - perhaps a future DisallowUserDir directive, a la ftp.deny,
>	listing usernames not accessible through ~name?

    I'll try to come up with a doc patch as per the first section.  The
    second is definitely a feature, what?

>  * Make of server fails during ld phase on AIX 3.2.5 with undefined
>    symbol ".flock"
>    (no PR#, 1.2b7. 24/2/1997, <>)

    I think this is fixed by Ralf's [SYNC] patch (see above).

>Contrib stuff / future:
>  * mod_include is still slow.

    I recall a discussion a couple-three weeks ago about this; seems to
    me that someone came up with some changes that made 1.2bn faster
    than 1.1 in this area.  I'll see if I can find the discussion.

>  * update bug report page to not have email form
>	Status: +1 Roy, Dean, Marc (but some changes suggested), patch
>		reposted with changes.  Needs input from people handling
>		current bug reports.
>	New status: reposted, still need input from people handling bug
>		reports via mail right now.
>	Even newer status: everyone seems happy with the current GNATS
>	    system, it is time to get rid of the old system.

    I've got the original patch for bug_report.html; I'll repost it in a
    separate message.  I'll also look through the tree to see if I can
    find any other references that should be corrected, as Roy

>  * Marc proposed keeping a list of things broken for HTTP/1.1; on the
>      Web or part of the distribution?
>      (no PR#, 1.2, 21/2/1997, "Marc Slemko" <>)
>        - Chuck likes the idea (hopefully will reduce redundant
>    	  reports); thinks it should be on the Web
>        - Ken thinks it should be in the htdocs tree so it hits both
>	- Chuck gives +1 to Ken's idea, so does Ralf

    What *is* broken?  As a sort of divergent stream, perhaps some
    collection of things considered good for the future but not for 1.2
    should be maintained as a feature list for 2.0 (or 1.2+ <g>)?

>  * Dean's gif89 and expires hack
>    <>

    Would a change to mod_expires to allow "Expires{Default,ByType} none"
    (in essence, saying "don't emit an Expires: header") be considered a
    feature or a bug fix?

    #ken    :-)}

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