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From (Rodent of Unusual Size)
Subject Digital and Apache IPv6..
Date Wed, 05 Mar 1997 12:50:36 GMT
    I received this item this morning.  (I have edited out much
    irrelevancy, but left the specific article intact.)  Apache for IPv6
    is being included in a Digital package (see the third paragraph).

    #ken    :-)}

>From the fingers of "Colin Blake, OpenVMS Engineering" flowed the following:
>To:	VNS-Distribution
>Subj:	VNS #3755  Wed  5-Mar-1997
><><><><><><><><>  T h e   V O G O N  
N e w s   S e r v i c e  <><><><><><><><>
> Edition : 3755            Wednesday  5-Mar-1997            Circulation :  3827 
>VNS COMPUTER NEWS:                            [Tracy Talcott, VNS Computer Desk]
>==================                            [Nashua, NH, USA                 ]
> DIGITAL - Sets pace with IPv6 Internet solution on AlphaServer platform
>	{Livewire, Worldwide News, 4-Mar-97}
>   The DIGITAL AlphaServer with IPv6 solution, a complete, low-cost solution
> for implementing Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6), debuted today.
>   Internet service providers, TCP/IP network owners, network consultants,
> independent software vendors, and value-added resellers can use the DIGITAL
> AlphaServer with IPv6 solution to develop needed expertise for IPv6/IPv4
> interoperability planning and IPv6 implementation.
>   The AlphaServer with IPv6, priced at $9,505, includes 64-bit DIGITAL UNIX
> unlimited user license, IPv6 prototype code and application programming
> interfaces (APIs) for DIGITAL UNIX, IPv6 prototype code for selected DIGITAL
> switches and routers, trial licenses for DEC FUSE and Developers' Toolkit for
> DIGITAL UNIX, and IPv6 versions of Apache Web server and Arena browser.
>   The solution is housed in a powerful, compact 64-bit AlphaServer 300 desktop
> system running at 266 MHz. DIGITAL completes this solution with a connection
> to the global IPv6 test network -- the "6bone," dedicated technical support
> with 24-hour response, and a full selection of optional Internet services to
> bring companies up to speed on IPv6.
>   IPv6 implements 128-bit addressing, compared with 32-bits in IPv4. IPv6 also
> provides more efficient routing, autoconfiguration when adding new clients,
> improved performance for fast growing Internet applications, such as real-time
> multimedia, and improved Internet and intranet security.
>   To help customers integrate IPv6 with their current IPv4 environments,
> DIGITAL is also making prototype IPv6 available as a free software upgrade to
> selected DIGITAL network products.  Customers can use these network products
> with the AlphaServer with IPv6 solution to create a complete test bed with
> switches and routers. Using DIGITAL's RouteAbout router products, customers
> can see the benefits of IPv6 performance between branch and central offices.
> Using DIGITAL's DECswitch, customers can gain the benefits of IPv6 in a
> high-performance LAN for a campus network.
>   DIGITAL has been a participant in the Internet Engineering Task Force
> (IETF), an Internet standards committee. The IETF has focused on the next
> generation of Internet Protocol and has settled on IPv6 as the standard
> architecture for the future. Early implementers of IPv6 have set up an
> experimental IPv6 backbone network, nicknamed the "6bone," to test the new
> policies and procedures. The AlphaServer with IPv6 gives early adopters the
> ability to join this global network of more than 600 participating systems on
> the 6bone.
>   As the IETF continues to define ancillary protocols for IPv6, the DIGITAL
> AlphaServer for IPv6 solution enables customers to begin to evaluate the new
> technology now. Customers can then provide comments and suggestions to DIGITAL
> developers and plan full IPv6 integration with their own networks and
> applications.
>   For more information, see also: or
><><><><><><><><>   VNS Edition : 3755
  Wednesday  5-Mar-1997   <><><><><><><><>

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