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From (Rodent of Unusual Size)
Subject Re: [TAO] and the status flows on
Date Tue, 04 Mar 1997 12:52:45 GMT
>From the fingers of Dean Gaudet flowed the following:
>    * config/178: Module with server_config but no per-dir config will
>	seggy in set_flag_slot
>	Status: patch given in report, +1 Roy, 
>	Dean say no...

    FWIW, I agree with Dean.

>    * Ken's [PATCH] PR#146,187 is_url() not HTTP/1.1 conformant
>	Message-Id: <>

    Currently is_url() only returns true for "[a-zA-Z]*://", which
    doesn't allow "telnet:" or "mailto:" for example - but *does* allow
    a null scheme ("://").  Nor does it allow `+', `-', or `.' in the
    scheme, which 2068 says are valid.

>    * Dean's patch for [BUG]: "ErrorDocument appears to break in 1.2b7"
>	    on Solaris 2.x
>	and [BUG]: "errordocument gets overriden" on Irix
>	Message-ID: <>
>	Posted, one bug reporter says it works fine.  This one should
>	probably go up on a "patches for 1.2b7" page.

    Works a treat here, too.  +1.

>Contrib stuff / future:

    mod_template.c illustration of command handler call semantics for
    the different directive argument types (et alia).  +1 Dirk, Chuck,
    but needs work.  I'll try to flesh this out in the next few days if
    these mean "+1 to including in distribution".

    Here are some things I culled from the mail since 1.2b7 release; by
    no means complete, nor necessarily accurate.  FWIW..

    * SIGTERM to parent on UnixWare kills it but leaves children as
      zombies, requiring reboot.  SIGHUP reloads it fine when it's
      (no PR#, 1.2b6, 21/2/1997, <>)

    * With no limits on <Directory />, a UserDir of "./" allows "~root/"
      to walk down the entire filesystem.
      (no PR#, 1.1.3, 21/2/1997, "Michael Douglass" <>)
        - "don't do that", but should probably be noted in the UserDir
          documentation and the Security Tips page.  That the default
    	  access is "if the server can reach it, it can serve it" should
    	  definitely be noted.  (<Directory> description and security
        - perhaps a future DisallowUserDir directive, a la ftp.deny,
          listing usernames not accessible through ~name?

    * FTP through proxy whinges "proxy: error setting PASV debug option".
      Commenting out the fragment that sets SO_DEBUG works around it.
      (PR#183, 1.2b6, 21/2/1997, <Jochen.Wiedmann@Neckar-Alb.DE>)

    * UnixWare 2.1.1 needs USE_FCNTL_SERIALIZE_ACCEPT to keep from
      locking up.
      (no PR#, 1.2b6, reported by <>)
        - reporter says "UW 2.1.1 requires installation of UW patch
          ptf3123 for proper operation of accept()".  The patch is
    	  available from
        - He also says that defining NO_LINGCLOSE reduces FIN_WAIT_2
          incidences in this environment
        - Chuck told the reporter "it" (presumably the USE_FCNTL define)
          will be in 1.2b8, and info about the OS patch will be put in the
    	  online docs.

    * SIGHUP on Solaris 2.x causes server to die with "bind: Address
      already in use" and "httpd: could not bind to address
      port 80".  Server is Listen-ing on four IP addresses at port 80;
      the one above is the last Listen directive.  Three virtual hosts
      declared as well as main/default server.
      (no PR#, 1.2b7, 24/2/1997, <>)
        - was also reported by same user against 1.2b4

    * Type map can't find appropriate document for language on Solaris
      2.x.  (I can't gistify this one; full details in message ID
      Reporter has provided tar.gz file of config info.
      (no PR#, 1.2b7, 24/2/1997, <>)

    * Make of server fails during ld phase on AIX 3.2.5 with undefined
      symbol ".flock"
      (no PR#, 1.2b7. 24/2/1997, <>)

    * <IMG SRC="a CGI"> crates [sic] zombies on FreeBSDLinux
      (see <>
      for the details; I'm not going to try to decode 'em)  Reporter
      says hackers have told it the cause lies in an error in the loop
      structure in alloc.c's fork()/signal()/wait() handling
      (no PR#, 1.1.1/1.2.something (?), 23/2/1997, <>)
        - Marc said it *might* be related to the kindercide issue

    * unescape_url() doesn't convert "+" to " "
      (no PR#, 1.2b7, 25/2/1997, <>)
        - Ralf thinks this should be done by the CGI, not by the server

    * Marc proposed keeping a list of things broken for HTTP/1.1; on the
      Web or part of the distribution?
      (no PR#, 1.2, 21/2/1997, "Marc Slemko" <>)
        - Chuck likes the idea (hopefully will reduce redundant
    	  reports); thinks it should be on the Web
        - Ken thinks it should be in the htdocs tree so it hits both

    #ken    :-)}

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