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From Stanley Gambarin <>
Subject 2.0 question
Date Fri, 21 Mar 1997 19:39:39 GMT
	I know nobody is supposed to mention 2.0 until 1.2 is out, but I
have a few general questions.  
	- someone had mentioned there is a threaded code somewhere, but i
was not able to find it anywhere on the (any pointers would be
	- is there a general discussion (i.e. another mailing list or 
something) regarding the new requested features and other stuff.
	- is there any discussion on the architectural design or will 
2.0 follow the 1.2 design.
	- other questions too numerous to ask here...

	I have some questions and some ideas and would like to discuss them
and their applicability (without getting flamed).
					Any help would be appreciated.

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