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From (Ralf S. Engelschall)
Subject Re: config/234: REMOTE_IDENT not always available to mod_rewrite (fwd)
Date Sun, 16 Mar 1997 15:30:48 GMT
Hello Marc Slemko, in a previous mail you wrote:

> In case you don't follow the bugs list...

Thanks for the hint.

> Subject: config/234: REMOTE_IDENT not always available to mod_rewrite
> >Fix:
> The problem shows itself in get_remote_login(), http_core.c, line 396:
>     if (dir_conf->do_rfc1413 & 1)
>         return rfc1413(r->connection, r->server);
>     else
>         return NULL;
> When get_remote_login() is called from mod_rewrite.c, line 2532, it
> always returns NULL.  Apparently dir_conf->do_rfc1413 hasn't been set
> from the virtual host's IdentityCheck directive yet
> >Audit-Trail:
> >Unformatted:

Because get_remote_logname() actually only calls rfc1413() if
r->connection->remote_logname is not set, I've just replaced the
get_remote_logname() call in mod_rewrite by the code segment

    if (r->connection->remote_logname != NULL)
        result = r->connection->remote_logname;
        result = rfc1413(r->connection, r->server);

This will be included in my next patch to mod_rewrite because I've currently
incorporated a simple but essential comparison feature to mod_rewrite's
RewriteCond directive for time-dependend rewrite rules. Will be submitted

                                       Ralf S. Engelschall

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