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From Petr Lampa <>
Subject [PATCH] revised Paul Sutton's mod_neg charset patch
Date Wed, 12 Mar 1997 20:14:26 GMT

It seems, that Paul Sutton's patch for Accept-Charset bug in mod_negotiation
is acceptable, with the exception of selected solution #3. This patch is 
slightly different, but it's equivalent to solution #2 (unmatched charset
variant gets quality 0.0 or 1.0 in the case of iso-8859-1) and contains 
some other fixes:
1. '*' handling according Transparent Content Negotiation in HTTP, section 8.2:

     The Accept-Charset header is defined in the HTTP/1.1 specification
     [1].  HTTP/1.1 allows the following Accept-Charset header to be
	      Accept-Charset: iso-8859-5;q=0.8, *;q=0.9
     but HTTP/1.1 does not assign any special meaning to the charset "*".

     This specification does assign a special meaning: servers and
     clients which support transparent content negotiation MUST take "*"
     as a wildcard matching every character set not explicitly mentioned
     elsewhere in the Accept-Charset header.  As an example, the above
     header assigns a quality value of 0.9 to the iso-8859-2 charset.

     If no "*" is present in an Accept-Charset header, then all
     character sets not explicitly mentioned get a quality factor of 0,
     except for ISO-8859-1, which gets a quality factor of 1 if not
     explicitly mentioned.

2. Don't output empty content-type in variant list
3. Output charset in variant list
4. Return sooner from handle_multi() if no variants found


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