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From (Ralf S. Engelschall)
Subject Re: [TAO] the status flows on
Date Thu, 06 Mar 1997 07:19:33 GMT

In article <> you wrote:
> 1.2b8 status as of Wed Mar  5 13:54:08 PST 1997

>     * Marc's [PATCH] support/Makefile.tmpl and LIBS (fwd)
> 	Message-ID: <>
> 	Status: Dean +1

>     * user and server get confused over what should be a virtual host
> 	and what is the main server, resulting in access to something
> 	other than the name defined in the virtualhost directive (but
> 	with the same IP address) failing.
> 		Status: should be looked at, may not be a nice way to fix
> 			since it is likely not technically a bug.

> 	Status: Dean posted patch, Ben +1-but-hasn't tested, may
> 		or may not be whole problem, Randy +1.

> 	New Status: Ralf posted s [PATCH]: mod_rewrite 3.0.0 RELEASE
> 	    Message-Id: <>
> 	This patch supercedes the mod_rewrite portion of Dean's patch.

> 	So Dean posted a combined patch:
> 	    Message-ID: <>

+1 for Deans combined patch because the main core part is also correct in my
opinion to provide better virtual host handling.

>   * mod_template.c illustration of command handler call semantics for
>     the different directive argument types (et alia).  +1 Dirk, Chuck,
>     but needs work.  I'll try to flesh this out in the next few days if
>     these mean "+1 to including in distribution".

+1 because this is really an important thing for module writers and does not
hurt the other code.  I would also prefer if some detailed comments are
included, similar to the ones in mod_rewrite which show what the result codes
mean for further processing.

>   * Marc proposed keeping a list of things broken for HTTP/1.1; on the
>       Web or part of the distribution?
>       (no PR#, 1.2, 21/2/1997, "Marc Slemko" <>)
>         - Chuck likes the idea (hopefully will reduce redundant
>     	  reports); thinks it should be on the Web
>         - Ken thinks it should be in the htdocs tree so it hits both

+1 for the htdocs, because Apache says it is HTTP/1.1 compliant so should
document the exceptions or at least the problems with it. 

                                       Ralf S. Engelschall

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