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From Jason Clary <>
Subject Re: [Feature Suggestion] Config includes
Date Wed, 05 Mar 1997 01:22:23 GMT
> My comments on this last time it came up can be summed up:  use m4.  Right
> now you have to restart the server anyhow to pull in the new config, so
> why not just make your restart script do a remake first.  But anyhow as
> long as it's a straight text include, and we stop there, and we don't add
> macros and other funky crap it's fine with me as an add-on, but it
> shouldn't make 1.2.
> Dean

Yea, I didn't want macros or other "funky crap" ;)

But, with the new unified config it becomes especialy important
to chunk it into bits for easy management.. Especialy if you are
running 20 or more virtual hosts per server..  this gets even worse
if you add SSL on top (doubles your host entries).

Hmm, I never did like m4 much, and I prefer, for reliability, to
call external apps as infrequently as possible.  In the case
of a CGI, it would have to spawn off a background process and
waste CPU cycles processing m4 stuff when it could just as
easily be done in httpd with much less overhead.

Someone else asked about the .htaccess stuff, buf of course
its difficult (or impossible) to do a lot of things in .htacces,
and some things you want to have a global effect.

My objective is a better access control system for my customers.
With one little admin page they can track all their users and
groups and domains and which dirs are in which domains etc.
They don't especialy want to learn .htaccess file formats.
They are users, not programmers.  And I'm trying to get everything
working on one set of password files for each web stored in
a default known secure location so the dolts who think they know
what they are doing wont screw it up.. ;)

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