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From sameer <>
Subject Re: ZD do it again!
Date Sat, 01 Mar 1997 17:56:24 GMT
> Most of the tests are on Stronghold, so I'm not sure if they did contact
> them or not for performance tuning...
	I remember a PC Magazine review for Stronghold. This was a
large number of months ago though, but they did have a seirous problem
with the ability to set the "Group". (The problem was that stronghold
defaulted to Gruop nobody but solaris only has 'nogroup' -- so sinc
ethen stronghold now checks for the existing of noboy or nogroup,
etc.) This was before we had a 300 page manual, before we had a cdrom,
a box, etc. They did contact us then, and I told them "make sure you
configure the maxspare/minspare" correctly. But they didn't ask me how
to do that. We haven't been contacted since that article though. There
is a new one, I take it from the posts here. I wonder if they are just
reusing their old stronghold test results, or if they are using the
old version of stornghold from back then.

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