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From Nathan Neulinger <>
Subject Re: idea - last-modified despite SSI - possible performance booster
Date Sun, 02 Feb 1997 00:43:40 GMT
>> By returning a timestamp with more of these documents, this could lead to a
>> major performance increase since the pages could be cached, whereas now
>> they can't be.
>Sounds like a good concept.  Of very limited use on some sites, but
>useful on others.  Your suggestions for when it should and shouldn't be
>returned are good; now implement them without having to parse the file
>twice or shove the entire parsed file into a buffer.  Me thinks that's the

Good point... I wonder though if buffering the file would be less of a cpu
hit than sending the file out multiple times.

Obviously would want some sort of cutoff (so as not to buffer 20 megs of

Would only have to buffer so far as the first instance of something that
caused it to not include a last-modified timestamp, as soon as you hit
that, you dump the buffer, and then just stream the rest of the parse

In any case, given the tradeoff, would probably be something that we would
want an option to enable/disable.

This is probably something that would have to be tested to see what was
more of a CPU hit.

-- Nathan

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