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From Ed Korthof>
Subject mod_usertrack called many times
Date Thu, 27 Feb 1997 22:40:52 GMT
While tracing executing through mod_usertrack, I noticed that
mod_usertrack's fixup function is called quite a few times -- as many as 8
or 10 -- for a given request; but r->headers_out is apparently not copied
by internal_internal_redirect.

I can kind of see why this is done (if cookies are turned off later, the
request shouldn't inherit them)  but it means gratiutious time spent doing
'fixup's on requests which are about to be internally redirected.  (For a
fixup like mod_usertrack, this means purely wasted CPU time.) 

Could we run 'fixup's only if we're not about to do an internal_redirect? 

Oh, also, I realized there's a minor bug in the patch I just sent for the
function early_death_for_connection (I rewrote code around it due to some
changes from 1.2b6 -> 1.2b7).  The call to log_transaction should come
after the 'die' so that the correct status is logged.  Otherwise it works

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