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From Dean Gaudet <>
Subject Re: updated status for 1.2b7
Date Sun, 16 Feb 1997 12:07:27 GMT
On Sun, 16 Feb 1997, Marc Slemko wrote:
>   * warning on SunOS4, http_log.c:164, pointer from int without cast


>   * escaping '{''s in SSI has changed.  Bug?
>     Message-ID: <>
> 	Status: Ben posted patch 

While Ben's patch looks correct I think the user is mistaken.  ${xxx} is
substituted everywhere, including within quoted strings, it says so in the
docs (well it doesn't talk about {}, just $ expansion).  Ben's patch just
fixes the behaviour so that when ${ is seen, it considers everything up to
the next } as part of the variable name.
>   * identitycheck and hostnamelookups not allowed in .htaccess but
>     documentation says they are.  Update the documentation or perhaps
>     make them work as documented.
> 	Status: no one seems think we should make them work, so I
> 		am proposing fixing the docs.  If someone thinks
> 		the source should be fixed so it works as documented,
> 		say so.

Update the docs.

>   * fixing server-generated HTML [Ken]
> 	Status: Chuck +1
> 		Marc +1 for the <HTML> additions, but not the DOCTYPE

Dean +1 for the <HTML> additions, but not the DOCTYPE

>   * server can hang on HUP
> 	Status: Marc posted patch, -1 Chuck because of sleep(2)... but I 
> 	don't like the alternatives.

I'm going to test this on hotwired.

>   * Marc has changed his mind and wants to have a check to be sure
>     log directory isn't writable by anyone except the user starting
>     the server.  Is it too late?  Do we need a conf file directive to
>     override it?

On systems that do user-private-groups group write might exist on the
directory.  Just an FYI.  This is a common problem with many programs
when you run in a user-private-group scheme.


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