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From Dean Gaudet <>
Subject Re: [PATCH] PR#162
Date Mon, 10 Feb 1997 02:07:58 GMT
I looked at the problem in more detail however, and the patch in PR#162 is
probably not the correct way to solve the NULL r->per_dir_config issue.
As the problem submitter notes, we should at least be initializing
r->per_dir_config in the same way we do for a regular request.  Looking
at read_request(), and the various sub_req_* functions it's clear that
only sub_req_lookup_file does *not* set r->per_dir_config.  Included is
a patch that makes sub_req_lookup_file behave like sub_req_lookup_uri
and read_request.

At any rate +1 for Marc's patch that avoids seg faults in get_remote_host,
just in case this patch doesn't get accepted or another such problem


*** http_request.c.dist	Sun Feb  9 17:46:59 1997
--- http_request.c	Sun Feb  9 17:48:11 1997
*** 697,702 ****
--- 697,703 ----
      rnew->server = r->server;
      rnew->request_config = create_request_config (rnew->pool);
      rnew->htaccess = r->htaccess; /* copy htaccess cache */
+     rnew->per_dir_config=r->server->lookup_defaults;
      set_sub_req_protocol (rnew, r);
      rnew->uri = "INTERNALLY GENERATED file-relative req";

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