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From Dean Gaudet <>
Subject updated 1.1 pipelining performance results
Date Thu, 06 Feb 1997 19:44:45 GMT
The libwww-5.1 bug which was causing pipelining to not work with Apache
has been fixed.  Henrik took 1.2b7-dev plus my performance patches (both
the chunked and the directory_walk() patch) and ran a bunch of tests.  So
far only the LAN results are in, but they look really good:

You can get xplot from <>, the plots
come back with mime-type application/x-xplot.  If you're interested in
tinkering with tcp/ip performance this is a really cool tool, you'll have
to read the thesis paper mentioned in the README though to understand the

One other result shown in this test was that using "Content-Encoding: 
deflate" resulted in a 14% speedup (remember this is LAN).  The files were
pre-compressed.  I don't think we support negotiation by encoding yet, do
we?  BTW, it might be time to update the "AddEncoding x-gzip gz" to
"AddEncoding gzip gz" (and similarly for .Z) as per HTTP/1.1.


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