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From Paul Sutton <>
Subject Manual page and copyrights
Date Mon, 17 Feb 1997 14:14:09 GMT
There is a manual page in the support directory for httpd.  It isn't very
update to date, and implies that inetd is the best way to run Apache. I
updated it, but then I noticed the copyright on this file... although the
boilerplate text is the same as the standard Apache logo, this file is
actually copyright David Robinson. 

Looking at the rest of the copyrights in the code and documentation,
almost all files are solely or jointly copyright The Apache Group. Apart
from reasonable exceptions, such as the RSA stuff, the only other file
containing code not copyright The Apache Group is http_bprintf.c, where
the modifications are copyright Ben Laurie. This file also does not
contain the standard Apache license.

I was under the implicit impression that any contributions made to the
apache project automatically became copyright by The Apache Group. I'm a
bit worried about these personal copyrights. For example, http_bprintf.c
has presumably been modified since Ben Laurie made his copyrighted
changes. But the existing copyright notice now appears to claim the
copyright in these changes for Ben. 

I would like to see an explicit statement that all code changes donated to
the Apache project become copyright The Apache Group, and remove all
personal copyright messages. In some cases, a joint copyright may be
acceptable (in particular, mod_rewrite should reasonably remain copyright
by Ralf and The Apache Group). This could be part of a coding style for
Apache contributors. 

Getting back to the httpd manual page, I still would like to submit my
updates, but not to a document copyrighted by anyone other than The Apache
Group. If necessary, I will rewrite this document from scratch to
eliminate the personal copyright.

I don't know why the manual page is in section 1m, surely 8 would be
better? I'd also like to see an manual page for htpasswd(1) and

Paul Sutton, Technical Director, UK Web ----
Editor, Apache Week .. the latest Apache news

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