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From Paul Sutton <>
Subject Automate Makefile in support
Date Mon, 03 Feb 1997 14:26:53 GMT
The Makefile in support is now auto-configured for the OS and system
(CC etc). Users have to instead edit the Makefile and type make _system_.
The list of systems is very out-of-date compared to the ones the Configure
knows about.

Given that we already do all the hard work of figuring out the system, CC,
libraries etc in Configure, it is very easy to apply this to the support
Makefile. Then people can just "cd ../support; make" to build htpasswd

I enclose two patches to enable this. 

The first patch updates Configure in src. It now writes the configured
information (CC=, LIBS1=, etc) into a file called Makefile.config. It then
creates the real Makefile by concatenating the Modules information, the
Makefile.config and the Makefile.tmpl. This results in a Makefile
identical to the currently created one. Finally it concatenates the
Makefile.config information and a new Makefile.tmpl in the support
directory to create a support Makefile. 

The second patch is a diff of a new Makefile.tmpl from the support
directory against the existing Makefile. Applying this patch to Makefile
will create a suitable Makefile.tmpl (you'll need to mv Makefile
Makefile.tmpl after doing the patch). Then running Configure in src will
create both src/Makefile and support/Makefile. 


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