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From Alexei Kosut <>
Subject byterange comments
Date Wed, 12 Feb 1997 02:26:21 GMT
I received a response from Anthony Lam at Adobe. I bounced it to
the list, but Majordomo apparently doesn't look at the Resent-From
header, just the From header, so I guess it's sitting in Brian's
mailbox. At any rate, I did respond to his response, and cc-ed that to
the list, which showed up correctly.

To summarize:

1. MSIE apparently does not like quotes on the boundary string in the
Content-Type header for multipart/byteranges. The MIME spec reccomends
them, but they are not neccessary, and the HTTP spec doesn't say one
way or the other. If they cause IE problems, I have no objection to
removing them. Does anyone?

2. He says IE also apparently only likes multipart/x-byteranges, but
only sends Range: so the Navigator workaround will not work. Our only
options, as I see them, would be to either send multipart/x-byteranges
for all requests, which is a clear violation of HTTP/1.1, or do
something silly like check the User-Agent for "MSIE". I would object
on "moral" grounds to either one of those, but I told Lam that I would
check with our standards cop. Roy?

3. He must have been talking about the Windows version of IE 3.0,
since the Mac version is much more screwed up than that. So I've taken
his word about the Win version. Does anyone have Windows and would be
willing to try it out? It's simple: take Apache 1.2b7-dev, modify it
(or use something like tcpshow) so it shows you exactly what the
client sends (request and headers). Then request a PDF file (make sure
you have the PDF plugin installed first) and see what happens. Also
make sure it's a "fresh" PDF file (one the browser has never seen
before), so cache interactions don't come into it.

At any rate, I emailed someone at Microsoft whom Roy told me was
responsible for this sort of thing, both about the Mac IE problems I
experienced, and the Windows IE problems alleged by Lam. Hopefully, he
may be able to fix future versions, and may have some suggestions as
to what we can do to workaround IE 3.0 now.


Alexei Kosut <>      The Apache HTTP Server

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