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From Brian Behlendorf <>
Subject ApacheNT
Date Thu, 27 Feb 1997 07:02:12 GMT

Allow me to distract us from our drive to 1.2 final for just a little bit.

The discussions we had had about porting Apache to NT were resolved with
"unless it can easily be done now, delay it for 2.0, when we can really design
it well in a cross-platform way, since threading will then be a focus".  

I support this - however more than one individual has approached me (through or personally) and said they were either working on or have
completed a port of Apache (1.1 and 1.2) to NT, and were wondering about
official support in one form or another.  While it's bound to compare
unfavorably in speed terms with IIS or another server based with NT concepts
from the beginning, I think this is a worthwhile endeavor, and I'd like to
propose a way to support it.

I propose that we start a mailing list for folks interested in NT issues, i.e.  We (new-httpd)  finish 1.2 with support for all
Unices and OS/2, and then as we take a vacation and start thinking about 2.0
work, the NT folks can start porting 1.2 final to NT.  Once that's available we
make a public announcement, calling it "ApacheNT 1.2".  As we fix bugs and add
small features on the road to the inevitable 1.2.1, the ApacheNT folks will
track it. 

Our goal for an integrated 2.0 will remain - but the NT folks can get
experience developing for NT and perhaps gain some valuable insights which
would inform the 2.0 architecture process.  

So, for the short term: I'm proposing starting an apache-ntdev mailing list,
and sending mail to the numerous folks who contacted us in reference to NT
ports about joining.  Publication of the existance of the list would still be
word-of-mouth as this list is, mostly.  

Also, in particular there is a gentleman at a company called Softway, who make
a platform for porting Unix apps to NT (called OpenNT), who claims to have
done a port of 1.1.1 and was beginning work on 2.0.  I've passed his contact
info to Dave Llopis, who's on new-httpd, and will be inviting him to the
apache-ntdev when it gets developed.

Thoughts?  I'd like to set this up by Friday or so.



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