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From Michael Pelletier <>
Subject Problem with FTP browsing in Apache 1.1.3 proxy
Date Fri, 07 Feb 1997 17:42:28 GMT
Hi, I saw your name in the mod_proxy.c file, and I was hoping you could 
point me in the right direction.  When I connect to my Apache server 
that's acting as a proxy with an FTP URL such as:

Rather than bringing up a browsing interface with little folder and file 
icons, the proxy issues the following commands to the remote server:

USER anonymous
 (I changed this because some sites won't accept proxyuser@host as a
  valid ID, this should be changed in the next release.)
CWD bsdi
RETR patches

And of course, trying to RETR the patches directory fails with a 550 
response code.  Is there some step I'm missing here, or is this a 
limitation of the current implementation of mod_proxy.c?

Thanks for the info!

	-Mike Pelletier.

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