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From Marc Slemko <>
Subject Re: [PATCH] I am going to kill these children
Date Thu, 20 Feb 1997 03:27:39 GMT
On Wed, 19 Feb 1997, Dean Gaudet wrote:

> +1... 
> but I'd still like to know if a SO_REUSEADDR/PORT solution combined with
> the generation counters from graceful restart code would be acceptable. 
> 'cause it seems to me that it would be a lot more robust.  Maybe I'll do
> it for contrib.  I don't want full graceful, just safe log rotation. 

I'd like to make the whole graceful restart thing work, with a few
modifications to the idea and some sort of limit on the time old servers
can hang around for and some way for an external process to tell if they
are still running... I am not convinced enough about anything related to
graceful restart code right now to trust anything using it for anything...

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