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From Marc Slemko <>
Subject updated status
Date Tue, 18 Feb 1997 02:55:14 GMT
1.2b7 status as of Mon Feb 17 19:54:17 MST 1997:

  * Committed since 1.2b6:
	* FIN_WAIT_2 page to documentation
	* mod_info corruption bug
	* mod_rewrite sizeof() bug
	* allow keepalive on 304 responses
	* full headers on 2xx or 3xx status
	* fix extra CRLF -> buffers not flushed problem
	* output all HTTP/1.1 header fields on responses
	* mod_info bug fix for if sizeof(char) != 1, not that that can
	* fix for Rlimit* giving a SEGV when given only one argument
	* mod_rewrite update
	* suexec free()ing memory while still needed
	* httpd_monitor now understands current scoreboard format
	* tweak byteserving code to work around Netscape bug (PDF plugin)
	* autocreate Makefile in support directory
	* be sure to kill timeout in util_script
	* Bad handling of lang_index == -1 in is_variant_better()
	* handle_multi() doesn't return content_language of negotiated file (breaks old code).
	* directory redirect now returns 302  instead of 301
	* fix util_snprintf and unsigned ints on Alpha
	* fix conflicting definitions for is_proxy_available
	* fix problem with mod_cgi generated internal redirects trying
	  to read the request message-body twice.
	* reduce timeout on lingering close and remove blocked read
	* add content-length header to multipart/byterange responses
	* HI-UX patch
	* chunked encoding performance improvements
	* Dean's other perf improvements
	* suexec fixes (NFS, portability, array overrun)
	* fix mod_status display
	* log errors from call_exec
	* fix core dump when documentroot is CGI
	* use pfopen/pfclose in mod_asis and http_core
	* fix SEGV if r->per_dir_config not initialized
	* A/UX and SCO3 timeval cleanups
	* fix CGI outputting Location
	* remove unused pcalloc in call_exec
	* don't disable Nagle if no TCP_NODELAY
        * core dump in sub_req_lookup_file() if invalid directive in .htaccess 
	* stop vbprintf dereferencing null pointers
	* reduce default timeout to 300 seconds.
	* add strerr prototype
	* infinite loop in mod_imap due to parsing bug
	* Roy's fixes to main loop & lingering_close
	* output buffering for mod_include
	* regex -Wall cleanup
	* Dean's rfc2068 fixes
	* satisfy fix
	* escaping '{' in SSI
	* IRIX -Wall warnings
	* avoid null dereference in mod_cgi

Agenda for 1.2b7-dev

Need to be done before 1.2b7 (in the very biased opinion of Marc): (1.2b7
could ship without some of these, but if we want to try to make 1.2b7
close to the last beta before 1.2...)

  * Roy's tiny changes to main child loop, lingering close
	Status: +1 Marc, Randy, Chuck, Jim

  * let's fix the Solaris 2.6 and HPUX getwd junk the right way.  
    Either get rid of the (one) call to getwd or use ap_getwd and 
    #define it appropriately in conf.h  (PR#89,153)
	Status: Unless someone beats him to it (hint, hint) Marc
	will make patch to get rid of getwd() in mod_include.c entirely.
	This is a small change but has caused enough hassle that we 
	should just get rid of it.

  * server can hang on HUP
	Status: Marc reposted patch, need votes

  * Alexei's MSIE + byterange patch
	Status: +1 Paul, Ben, Jim.  Just needs someone to commit.

Would be good if is done:

Patches available:

  * remove unused functions from util.c and update rfc931 comment
	Status: +1 Chuck

  * fixing server-generated HTML [Ken]
	Status: Ken reposted patch, +1 Marc 

  * <!--#exec cmd="prog args\ with\ spaces"-->
    doesn't work anymore. It passes THREE arguments
    to prog ("args", "with" and "spaces), instead of
    ONE argument ("args with spaces"). []  
    Either need to use \\ or change escaping to not escape things that
    aren't recognized as escape chars.
	Status: Ben posted patch; doesn't love it, but fixes it.
		+1 Roy, Marc

  * user and server get confused over what should be a virtual host
	and what is the main server, resulting in access to something
	other than the name defined in the virtualhost directive (but
	with the same IP address) failing.  
		Status: should be looked at, may not be a nice way to fix 
			since it is likely not technically a bug.

	New status: Dean posted patch, Ben +1-but-hasn't tested, may
		or may not be whole problem, Randy +1.

No patches yet:

  * Marc has changed his mind and wants to have a check to be sure
    log directory(ies) isn't writable by anyone except the user starting
    the server.  The posting in bugtraq only highlites the problem.
    Is it too late?  Needs override.  See NCSA code for sample implem.

  * proxy cleanups???  Last I knew Chuck had some patches but they
    weren't committed?  Really should do something before the next
    beta, at least for the obvious things like SO_DEBUG.

  * redo lingering_close to check for old sockets to close out before
    accept() in child.  
	Status: Marc will look into; not overly hopeful, but if it 
	looks reasonably workable it would be a good thing(tm) before 
	the next beta.

  * 3 seconds delay in CGI execution on SunOS 4.x, see PR 122
       Status: no patch.
       Info: Pages containing script output show up with a delay of 3
             seconds (there was no such delay in Apache 1.1.1). 
             [] tracked the problem down to
             source file alloc.c, function free_proc_chain. This function
             contains a conditional call to sleep(3), which causes the delay.

       for (p = procs; p; p = p->next) {
          if (p->kill_how == kill_after_timeout) {
            /* Subprocess may be dead already.  Only need the timeout if not. */
            if (kill (p->pid, SIGTERM) != -1)  
              need_timeout = 1;
          } else if (p->kill_how == kill_always) {
            kill (p->pid, SIGKILL);
        /* Sleep only if we have to... */
        if (need_timeout) sleep (3);

        [RobH: So CGI included as SSI hangs around for longer and needs
               to be SIGTERM'ed.  Why?]

        [Roy: note also that a call to sleep will blow-out any other timeout]

Ain't gonna happen before 1.2b7 unless magic happens:

  * multiviews not behaving properly with path info (PR#40)

  * docs for force-response-1.0?

  * CGIs don't get PIPE under FreeBSD; under Solaris they get a TERM
    and then a PIPE in close succession.  Hmm.  Marc will look when
    he gets a chance.

  * Solaris "accept: Too many levels of remote in path" [marc]

  * possible proxy timeout problem [rasmus]

  * Questionable performace of  mod_dir() with negotiation
  * invoke_handler() doesn't handle mime arguments in content-type

  * Memory hog in handle_multi()

  * Variant list in r->notes is deleted if request is comming through mod_dir()

  * handle_multi() doesn't copy request headers for negotiated request

  * If start twice, overwrites the PID file PR#152

  * some better suexec docs would be really nice, detailing some of the
    security risks and compromises discussed
	Status: I think Randy said something about doing it at one point,
		but no one can write what  I think should be there better
		than me, if I ever have time.  Randy says he thinks 
		Jason is perhaps doing them.

  * redirect of index file causes SEGV [Marc]
	Status: have a way to stop the core dump, but that doesn't make
	it work properly.
	See also: Message-ID: <>

  * 64-bit issues; general cleanup, sizeof(void *) != sizeof(int)

  * Randy says "seems that the processes on a Unixware machine are
    eventually all dying off. Mind you, I have not seen this, but
    that is what is being reported.  Sounds like perhaps the server is not 
    respawning new children after MaxRequestsPerChild has been reached."

  * mod_proxy returns incorrect results when given a 'Location:'
    redirect (PR#137)

  * error compiling on NeXT:
	In file included from http_main.c:108:
	/NextDeveloper/Headers/bsd/netinet/tcp.h:57: duplicate member `th_off'
	/NextDeveloper/Headers/bsd/netinet/tcp.h:58: duplicate member `th_x2'

	Status: unknown, NeXT versions may be hell to figure out

  * Marc says Apache won't compile with HAVE_SNPRINTF defined as things
    are now because not everything includes conf.h.
       Status: Fix it when we have a platform which has snprintf.  Jim
	will look at; perhaps just include conf.h everywhere

  * new header_parse API hook is called too often
       Status: RobH posted patch, had second thoughts.  He
       suggests that mod_browser be optimised by detecting if it has been
       called already and returning early if it has.
	Roy says see also the suggestion by Doug MacEachern regarding
	addition of is_main_request() test so that any module can avoid this.

  * SO_DEBUG in proxy_ftp.c may not be portable, see PR 116, 104
       Status: Chuck says it is a leftover, will fix

Planning/design items:

    * should the bug report page be in CVS?  Should it be in the htdocs
      tree or a seperate place?  Should it be distributed with Apache?
      The same holds for everything on the Apache web site.  Marc would
      like to see it all in CVS, but not necessarily distributed
      with Apache.  
      Roy says: It would be nice if all of the non-archive parts
      of the project tree were in a separate cvs module -- it would
      sure make updating Hyperreal a lot easier (and safer).

    * should perhaps start to think about exactly how we want to 
      handle contrib patches/programs in 1.2.  Directory on the web site?  
      Include in distribution?

Contrib stuff / future:

    * Chris Adams <> patch to mod_log_config to add %m
      and %c.

    * "Large groups cause authentication errors" on FreeBSD
      []; problem looks to be MAX_STRING_LEN buffer
      in groups_for_user.  

  * mod_log_config patch for conditional logging
	Status: contrib, not in server

    * Jim has patch for time taken to handle a request in status module

  * Ed has an updated patch for limiting connections per IP

  * mod_include is still slow.

  * Some mirrors are out-of-date, Brian will investigate

  * add some setlocale stuff?

  * update bug report page to not have email form
	Status: +1 Roy, Dean, Marc (but some changes suggested), patch
		reposted with changes.  Needs input from people handling
		current bug reports.
	New status: reposted, still need input from people handling bug
		reports via mail right now.  

  * status module available from .htaccess files; Ken posted patch

   * status report shows PIDs in empty slots, user supplied some sort 
     of patch; behavior now is correct, but perhaps some cleanup of
     how the results are displayed could be done after 1.2...
     Message-ID: <>

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