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From Marc Slemko <>
Subject wanted: FreeBSD 2.2 or -current box for testing
Date Sun, 16 Feb 1997 03:39:02 GMT
Anyone?  Either an account for me to test some CGI things from or someone
willing to take a couple of minutes and test for me.

On FreeBSD 2.1.5, the server is NOT getting a SIGPIPE when the client
aborts a connection during CGI script output.  Not sure why.  It is doing
a send_fd and other places with a send_fd abort properly.  I think I see
the same thing on BSD/OS 2.0, but it seems to be fixed on 2.1.  

I want to see if it is fixed in more recent versions; if so, I can try to
track down what is going on.  Right now, on FreeBSD 2.1.x, if the user
aborts while the CGI script is sending it will keep going until it is
finished or a timeout happens.  This can be fixed by adding better error
checking to send_fd, but that doesn't fix the reason why it isn't getting

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