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From Marc Slemko <>
Subject Re: [PATCH] fix for PR#76 (setlocale() not called)
Date Wed, 12 Feb 1997 16:29:27 GMT
On Wed, 12 Feb 1997, Rodent of Unusual Size wrote:

> >From the fingers of Marc Slemko flowed the following:
> >
> >I am mildly concerned about doing this.  This can hurt a _lot_ of things
> >that need to be in the C locale.    For example, say your log files began
> >being logged in a different format.  (haven't looked at the code, so that
> >may not happen... just an example)  This can result in things breaking.
>     Good point that hadn't occurred to me.  I checked my logs, and they
>     were in fact affected during the period in which I was testing.
>     This may not be a bad thing, however.  I don't remember anything in
>     the CLF definition (such as it is, and such as my memory is) that
>     demanded that abbreviations be "Jan", "Feb", and so on.

Except almost every program that parses them.  <sigh>  And formats can
possibly change enough so more than just the abbreviations change, but
also delimiters, etc.

> >I would suggest perhaps a 'default SSI date' directive could work, or
> >calling setlocale right before doing the SSI stuff and getting rid of it
> >after.
>     I could go along with the latter (I'll regenerate a patch to that
>     effect).  However, I think this issue is worthy of more discussion.
>     Doing this would allow i18n beyond just the multiview stuff; for
>     instance, it seems reasonable to me that log files be written in the
>     local language if that's how the server admin wants it.  Serious
>     discussion of scope is probably a 2.0 topic, though.

It is an issue worth discussing by those who use it.  I think that any
major changes (aside from probably not going in 1.2) need to be all
wrapped by a config directive.  

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