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From Marc Slemko <>
Subject Re: idea - last-modified despite SSI - possible performance booster
Date Mon, 03 Feb 1997 07:30:27 GMT
For stuff that only needs to be updated once an hour, etc. I would suggest
a possible approach would be for the web server to simply flag it as needing
updating in an easily searchable index somewhere, then have something run
from cron that does the actual processing.  I don't like having by
web server being able to rewrite my content and I don't like having
the connection block while it does it.

On Mon, 3 Feb 1997, Jason S. Clary wrote:

> > Sure.  I guess "object cache" was imprecise - what I'd cache initially is just
> > the offsets of the SSI directives in the file, so that parsing can be avoided.
> > This is not a solution to "how to apply last-modifieds to SSI files" but
> > instead "how to speed up SSI serving".  The cache could be an mmap()'d stretch
> > of memory shared between processes, which gets cleared whenever a signal is
> > received.  
> I still think some sort of pre-processing would be incredibly usefull..
> you could even mark the locations of SSI directives that require updates
> on every hit during the compile stage.. On a site that uses a lot
> of SSI for easy maintenence (which is one of the beauties of SSI,
> simplifying the code from a webmaster's standpoint) it could speed
> things up incredibly..

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