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From Marc Slemko <>
Subject reset_timeout() needed in mod_include
Date Sun, 02 Feb 1997 06:49:08 GMT
We need a reset_timeout() in mod_include.  That is the type of thing I was
thinking about when I was leery of lowering the default timeout too much;
right now, no request that takes more than timeout seconds can be send by
mod_rewrite.  It is easy to add if something like my hacked patches are
implemented.  If not, it is annoying (ie. lame to add one that just
updates ever x chars sent, IMHO) to add because I sure don't want to be
calling it for every request.

Oh, and my previous concern about not checking return values is not
justified.  I was just seeing the result of something else; mod_include
uses hard_timeout so no worries.

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